The rules and characteristics of driven hunt for wild boar

Driven hunting for wild boar is a complex but interesting process. It differs markedly from other types of driven hunting, as these animals different from all life, habitat and habits. This method becomes relevant from 1 November, but due to lack of snow time is often postponed until December. For collective hunting for wild boar must be licensed.

Where to find boar

The definition of the area for the pen is one of the most important tasks for hunters in the cooking process. Typical habitats of wild boars in the late fall and early winter are the small Islands of spruce forest and boggy places, such as gullies or small streams. This location is explained quite simply – it’s much easier to get food. Often wild boars are found near feeding areas, silage pits and fields sown with oats.

After the discovery of traces of a team of hunters is divided into beaters and shooters. The first group will go around the forest in search of boar, and the other will remain on designated positions and will wait for the target. In the direction of the tracks and their number of hunters to determine whether there were boars in these places or went on. After it becomes clear that the animals are in the paddock, the beaters spread out and the hunt begins.

In those periods when no snow cover, carried out “blind fence”, so as to focus on the traces is almost impossible.

How to organize a corral

In order for the corral was the most effective and the hunt was successful you need to know and follow certain rules.

  1. Silence. Wild boar behave very carefully, especially after the morning feed. Suspicious sounds and noises can be the reason for their departure or an unexpected breakthrough, when the hunters are not ready yet.
  2. Important placement hunters. If the participants are many, you can make a small line. In that case, if not a lot of hunters, need to take the most promising and likely to exit the boar places (ravines, thick undergrowth, woods and others).
  3. The arrows should stand against the wind. Wild boar have well-developed sense of smell and it won’t go in the direction of the hunters, if they feel human.
  4. Clearly define the zone shot of each participant to increase the likelihood of a successful corral and eliminate the risk of injury for participants of the hunt.
  5. Arrows with guns must stand on the most open spaces to bridge greater distances.

Clearly see how the pen of a boar, on the Internet videos. Some experienced hunters in the details of filming the whole process of the pen.

The pursuit of a wounded wild boar

The behavior of the wild boar is not always predictable. Even after being wounded, a wounded animal can go very far. So it is a mistake to start chasing him immediately after the hit.

Haste is prohibited here. On the contrary, you need to wait for some time. The animal, realizing that not chasing him, falls quickly and often can not get up to continue the journey.

You can’t do quite the opposite – that is, to abandon his quest. The beast will experience a wild torment. Besides, there is a probability that people can get under the aggression of a wounded animal. The persecution must be brought to its logical conclusion. On the advice of the experienced hunters, it should begin in 25-30 minutes after the wounds of the beast. In such a situation can help the presence of the dogs going “wild boar”.


When hunting for wild boar is unacceptable negligence as to firearms or to the beast. Accident statistics clearly indicates that only one of ten cases of injury of the hunter is due to a collision with an animal, the rest of the incident is a consequence of the careless and thoughtless actions of people.

One of the most common cases of injuries and deaths on the hunt is the crossfire between the arrows. This situation occurs in case of poor preparations for the event (roles are not distributed), the wrong definition of shooting line, or violation of the arrow of the sector in which it is possible to fire.

In order to prevent accidents on the hunt, you need to prepare thoroughly. It is the distribution of roles between the participants, the determination of safe sectors for firing, and also some knowledge about the behavior of wild boar. Discipline should be an integral part of the hunt, otherwise interesting activity can turn into a tragedy.

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