What is a rangefinder for hunting and how to choose

A laser rangefinder is an electronic optical device that is used to measure the distance to the object. The principle of its operation is to measure the distance in a matter of moments due to the laser pulse sent and the received signal reflected from the object calculate. The scope of the rangefinder is now very extensive: agriculture, navigation, surveying, tourism, and others. It is used also in the hunt.

The application of rangefinder for hunting

Rangefinder for hunting has become one of the irreplaceable “assistants”, without which the task becomes much more complicated. Previously, the distance to the target was determined using binoculars or a scope. They were dealt a rangefinder scale. Method gave some results, but the fidelity and accuracy of the data obtained was not enough.

Watching required a reference point, the distance to which he knew. But there are places where it is difficult to find, and hence determine the distance to the object with high accuracy is practically impossible. In addition, the location may change constantly and the computation time is simply not enough.

In such a situation comes to the rescue of a laser rangefinder. For hunting it became a very important tool, which coupled with the marksmanship guarantees success. Fast and accurate determination of the distance increases the chance of a successful shot.

Folding eyecups provide an opportunity to take aim at the glasses. New technologies are constantly being introduced in the different models of rangefinders and because they made possible:

  • to control the degree of illumination at any point in time;
  • to make an adjustment to reflect the landscape and the weather;
  • to adjust the shot relative to the air temperature.
What are the criteria to choose a rangefinder

Choose the range finder has now become very easy, as the market these products have a large number of models with different features and price. The only difficulty in the choice can become quite high price of these devices. To select a tool every hunter needs based on their needs.


For example, if hunting the wolf, wild boar or other animal of medium size, the upper limit of the setting distance will be equal to 500 meters, and take a more powerful range-finder does not make sense. If the goal is a different beast, and recruitment will be carried out taking into account the specifics of the hunt. Experts recommend when buying a rangefinder to pay attention to such parameters.

  1. The distance measurement. The main parameter; it depends on the range of use of the device.
  2. Work without a network connection and power. The energy source is either the battery or batteries CR-2.
  3. Dimensions. The weight and size will definitely affect the usability of the tool. Current models have a weight capacity ranging from 200 to 500 grams (roulette) and from 0.9 to 1.5 kg combination with long range (used infrequently).
  4. The sealed enclosure. Model of the expensive price segment have ruggedized and protected from water ingress. These flexible features allow you to hunt in difficult weather situations (fog, rain, etc.).
  5. Protractor and calculator. Essential functions when hunting at altitude or areas with difficult terrain, since they can make allowances. Some advanced models have the ability to calculate the drop of the bullets, others with built – in table with different ammunition, atmospheric pressure sensor and tilt.
Additional functions and modes

To choose a laser rangefinder can help separate the modes and functions that are optional and not available in all devices. There are 3 modes: REFL, SCAN and REIN. The first of these is used to determine the objects that have a large reflective surface.

SCAN need when hunting small animals, which exposed to the beam of a conventional rangefinder difficult. In addition, it accelerates the computation of the distance to different objects close to each other. Mode REIN protects the laser beam from spreading in poor weather conditions and helps it pass through the barrier (through rain or snow).

The rangefinders are additional functions of measuring the speed of movement of the target or object. It gives the hunter a full view not only of the distance to the animal, but also its speed. Due to this, select the desired trajectory of the route is even easier. The function of “More than 150” allows you to ignore small obstacles (e.g., branches), located 150 metres to the object. The observation can be conducted with a much greater distance.

Disadvantages of rangefinders

Despite its undoubted advantages, the devices are not without drawbacks. As many experienced hunters, the efficiency in the dark is almost always higher than in daylight, especially sunlight. This is due to the refraction of light, you need to consider this fact. Incorrect counts can be carried out by the meter and in case of bad weather (in case the device has no additional capabilities to counter bad weather conditions). The color of the object and its size are also important.

Bright object large sizes – ideal ratio for a rangefinder, at the time, like a little black goal is the worst option, in which frequent excursions and incorrect data.

A brief overview of common models
  1. Combat 600. Cheap rangefinder with the waterproof housing. The measured distance up to 600 meters. Integrated speed measurement function of the object and the scanning distances to multiple targets nearby.
  2. SWAROVSKI LASER GUIDE. High quality optics, giving virtually no failures even in the most difficult working conditions. The increase is eightfold. The case is completely sealed and protected.
  3. Nikon Laser (1200 S). The maximum probing distance is 1020 meters. Backlit display, water-resistant housing.

Some hunters habitually use binoculars or a rangefinder are doing with their hands. This option has a place because not everyone can afford to buy a dedicated device. But to effectively hunt it is better to use all available means, then the success you can expect to a greater extent. And what meter to choose is the individual.

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