Northwest Deuce Days: The Best Canadian Car Show You’ve Never Heard Of

For three days every three years, car enthusiasts from across Canada set up shop at Victoria’s Inner Harbour to celebrate classic and vintage automobiles.

My first dream car

When I turned 17, I finished high school and set my sights on going to university. For this I needed a car, and my father had a friend who had a car dealership.

As a result, I commuted to classes in an old Austin A55, a car that promised to be reliable, though about as flashy as my auntie’s brown teapot.

After a couple of years, and several well-paying summer jobs, I bought my dream car. Well, it was a student-on-a-budget’s dream car. It was a Volvo PV 544.

I loved that car and quickly added a blue racing stripe and a specially tuned exhaust.

Later in life, I purchased a succession of cars, some quirky like the ancient Volkswagen minibus I tried, and failed, to drive over the Rockies. Some were practical like the grey station wagon I bought after the birth of our son.

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