The secrets of choosing optimal tires for ATV

Many owners of four-wheeled motorcycles (ATVs) buy new tires, completely identical to the old tires. But sometimes the rejection of this approach allows to improve some of the basic characteristics of the vehicle, for example, to increase the permeability, to improve the stability and increase the lifetime.

Manufacturers offer a large selection of motorini, universal and specialized, designed for operation in different conditions.

It is important to remember that incorrectly selected according to the diameter and type of rubber can not only impair engine performance and suspension, but also affect the safety of the vehicle.

Experts distinguish between three types of snow, all of which affect ride quality:

  • loose, shallow. With such a coating can handle the standard off-road tires.
  • loose, deep. For him rubber with high grantization not good. It is better to use the so-called “cross” tires that has a greater contact patch with the surface.
  • wet/sticky. In this case, the “swamp” tyres with high grantization.

In the cold summer tires becomes hard, which adversely affects all the characteristics of the tires. Therefore, in regions where the winter temperature is significantly reduced, it is recommended to install the tires according to the season.

Besides winter tires for ATVs has bonus space for mounting studs. The tread pattern is constructed in such a way that when cornering the snow caught in the slats, extrudes.

For sand, mud and rocky soil

For different types of coverage companies have developed special tread patterns. For example, grouser checkered intended for soft soil type. It increases the maneuverability of the cars.

Off-road qualities are improved by large diameter tires. However, to develop greater speed is unlikely to succeed. For those who prefer to drive fast, suitable elastomer with a small diameter.

Note that changing the wheel size on ATVs may have a negative impact on the stability of the machine. For the engine with a volume greater than 50 cubic centimeters outside the limits set by the manufacturer, will be catastrophic. The sensitivity of the wheel is reduced. Too large wheel reduces torque, increases the load on all systems of the car.

When choosing tires for riding on soft surface, account should be taken of such factors as pressure. The contact area should be maximized to ensure an effective hook. To drive on the sand use a soft type of rubber.

Universal tyre

The most common type combines the qualities of “SUV” and “roadies”. These tires, which is the online store of tires and rubber ShinaDiski use in the case where part of the road passes through the asphalt coating, and a portion outside it.

Special tread design ensures high-quality engagement of the wheel with any type of road and soil. This type of tire is most often installed by the manufacturer as a staff. Why it’s called “all terrain” (all-terrain).

Tires of this type will be ideal for drivers just starting to master the Quad. Experienced drivers prefer a specialized rubber for each type of soil.

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