9х32 Pentax DCF BC binoculars

Series binoculars the PENTAX DCF sun features an innovative ergonomic case design “Open Bridge” by which the binocular is very comfortable in the hand.

Excellent ergonomics, very high optical quality and a fully sealed design makes DCF VS the perfect tool for serious observations in the most difficult conditions, and compactness and light weight are important for observations of daily living (theater, sports) and in the field (Hiking, fishing, hunting).

Very high image quality is achieved using advanced optical technology PENTAX. Proprietary multi-layer coating deposited on all optical surfaces of the binoculars, therefore, spurious reflections and illumination to be excluded, even when hit by the light sources in field of view. ROOF-prism DCF armed forces have a special phase coating further improves contrast and picture clarity. In addition, the reflecting surface of the prisms caused the silver coating additionally reduces light loss.

Thus, this binocular demonstrates the highest optical quality and gives a bright and clear image of an object even in difficult conditions of observation. 

Thanks to a completely sealed structure (protection class JIS 6) binoculars 9×32 DCF entirely without problems allows to conduct surveillance under any weather conditions – rain, snow, near water. He can even withstand an accidental drop in the water or mud to a depth of 1 meter.* And in order to exclude hopeless fogging of the optics during rapid temperature change, building a DCF entirely filled with nitrogen.


  • Ocular rings are put forward and fixed in four different positions for the personal benefit of the user
  • Rubber covering of the case, improving the ergonomics of the binoculars and additionally protects optics from damage
  • Minimum focusing distance is about 2.5 meters, which allows to observe close-up of close objects
  • The high reliability of the binoculars shows signature warranty 30 years

* Water resistance JIS class 6 implies the possibility of short-term immersion of binoculars in water to a depth of 1 meter.

  • Type Full-size roof prism binocular, and an internal focusing OPEN BRIDGE design
  • Lens construction 3 Elements in 2 groups
  • The design of the eyepiece is 5 Elements in 3 groups
  • Increase (magnification) 9x
  • Lens diameter 32 mm
  • Field of view 1000 m 117 m
  • Exit pupil diameter 3.6 mm
  • Eye-relief 16 mm
  • The relative brightness (luminosity) 13
  • Range of diopter adjustment ± 4m -1
  • Focus range (shortest) 2.5 m to infinity
  • Color Dark green
  • The angle of view 6.7 °
  • Model DCF BC 9×32
  • Twilight factor 16.9
  • Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 128 x 138 x 52mm
  • Protection from exposure to environmental JIS-Class 6 – waterproof to 1m, Nitrogen purged
  • Center-to-center distance of the eye (the distance between the centers of the pupils) 56 to 74 mm

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