BPC2 12×45M R binoculars

The binoculars BPC series are made according to the classical scheme Porro with a Central focus.

The Central focusing wheel is conveniently located under the middle finger and allows you to quickly and easily adjust the sharpness of both eyepieces.

Binoculars with ruby coating, with a high multiplicity BPC2 12×45M R indispensable when observing at great distances – at sea, on the river, in the desert or the tundra.


  • Porro Prism
  • Ruby coating lenses and eyepieces
  • Fast
  • Metal case
  • Prism Porro
  • Focus Central
  • Magnification, ratio 12
  • Lens diameter, mm 45
  • The angle of view, deg 5.2
  • Linear field of view (1000 m), m 97
  • Exit pupil diameter 3.75
  • Made ocular point, 12 mm
  • The operating temperature range, °C -40 – +50
  • Overall dimensions, mm 192x175x65
  • Weight, g 850

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