BPC3 12х45М (rubber coated) binoculars

BPC3 or 12×45 binoculars “baigish” with rubber housing made by the classical scheme Porro with a Central focus.

The Central focusing wheel is conveniently located under the middle finger and allows you to quickly and easily adjust the sharpness of both eyepieces. For people with different visual acuity right and left eye has an additional setting of the right eyepiece. Limit changes in the Central dioptric setting from -5 to +10 diopters.

The limit of additional dioptric setting from -3 to +3 diopters. Binoculars with a large magnification BPC3 or 12×45 “baigish” indispensable when observing at great distances – at sea, on the river, in the desert or the tundra.

For determining the distance to the observed object using angular grid it is necessary to conduct the following calculation:

  • The range R(m) to objects of known size L(m) should be determined by the formula R=(L/n)x1000, where n is the reading on the scale grid, in units of the (1 scale division equals 5 iodine.).
  • Price small division of the grid azimuth is 18 arcmin.min. or 0-5 etc. (thousandths of the distance); the Price of a large division 36 ang.min. or 0-10 etc.
  • Magnification, ratio 12
  • Angular field of view, deg. 5°20′
  • Linear field of view at distance of 1000 m, m 97
  • Lens diameter, mm 45
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm 3.75 in
  • Resolution 4″
  • Eye relief, mm 12
  • Interpupillary distance mm 56 74…
  • The operating temperature range, deg.-40 … +50
  • Dimensions (mm) 192х175х68
  • Weight (kg) 0,9

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