Carl Zeiss Terra ED 10×42 binoculars

New Zeiss Terra ED is the ideal companion to a detailed study of the most exciting moments in life, when you would want and wherever you may be. It has an attractive modern design and weighing just 690 g is not only very easy, but its slim form also exceptionally compact and robust.

The use of water-repellent multi-coating Hydrophobe ZEISS MC on the lenses SCHOTT ED also guarantees excellent images in the finest detail. It further highlights the ambition of the application of the Terra ED outdoor the fact that these binoculars are waterproof and filled with nitrogen. They feature quick and easy to use configuration mechanism to focus, and minimum focus distance is only 1.6 meters.

Binoculars ready for anything that the user would like to take, be it an exciting sports event, participation in large festivals or concerts, fascinating journeys, Alpine climbs or Hiking along the coast. Zeiss Terra ED is the life – style binocular that can be trusted whatever the terrain and weather.

Waterproof casing, the Terra ED, reinforced with glass fibre, meets the high expectations of the lovers of wildlife. The binoculars of this series are designed to be compact, light and durable. This means that the Terra ED is your ideal companion that weighs little, fits easily into any pocket and is almost indestructible. Efficient on long journeys on rough terrain, in stadiums or concerts, tours in the cities, in the mountains or in the open sea. In any environment imaginable.

In the design of binoculars Carl Zeiss engineers had to deal with high optical requirements. The solution was optical SCHOTT ED glass and a hydrophobic multilayer coating. Glass produced by the SCHOTT company (a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss), ensures the abundance of small details and high brightness images, as well as completely natural colors. Last but not least thanks to its modern multi-layer coating binoculars Terra ED does not let down the user in bad weather or in other difficult conditions, when the outer lens of the lens in contact with water.

The large, smoothly rotating and available located the focusing reel binoculars Terra ED makes the setting on the sharpness of the image especially fast and convenient. This advantage becomes apparent only to take them in hand. The index finger is automatically positioned on the node of focus. You no longer have to think about how best to hold the binoculars, if any spectacular scene occurs right in front of you. With the Terra ED you focus on the object you are interested in quickly, like a flash of lightning. You can be sure not to miss one of these unforgettable moments. On the contrary, you will see them sharp and in all colors.

Zeiss Terra ED enables the close-up and details to observe such objects as insects and plants and also gives the opportunity to explore the historical architecture. With minimal distance settings sharp images only 1.6 meters, the Terra ED offers unlimited possibilities. And, of course, extremely sharp images of distant objects or watching the beautiful landscapes as always remain relevant and will bring pleasure. So obviously the versatility of the binoculars of Carl Zeiss created as a symbol of an active lifestyle is very convincing.

New Zeiss Terra ED eyes linger themselves! Modern and attractive design from Carl Zeiss is available in the following colors: Navy blue and cool grey.

Non-slip rubber-coated surface of the binoculars ensures perfect ergonomics for superior ease of handling; smooth focusing and the eyecups special shapes make observation comfortable as never before.

  • An increase of 10
  • Lens diameter, mm 42
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm 4.2
  • Twilight factor 20.5
  • Relative brightness 17.6
  • Linear field of view m 1000 m 110
  • Real angle of view, degrees 6
  • The visible angle of view to 60 degrees
  • Eye relief, mm 18
  • Adjustment of interpupillary distance, mm 57.5 – 76
  • Diopter adjustment, DPTR +/-4
  • The minimum focusing distance, m 1.6
  • Lens type/ Number of lens elements ED-Type
  • The system of prisms Roof
  • Integrity Yes
  • Nitrogen filling Yes
  • The operating temperature range, ºC-15ºC – +60 ° C
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Depth), mm 142×130
  • Weight g 690

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