Carl Zeiss Victory 10×45 T* RF Binocular rangefinder

A unique combination of three functions of the new binoculars Victory RF provides significant benefits to owners of these devices. In addition to first-class picture is typical for products of Carl Zeiss, our customers are now able to measure distances with the simple touch of a button.

In addition, hunting, integrated electronic ballistic calculator will show the hunter the amount of necessary amendments to a range depending on distance and caliber used.

The engineers and designers at Carl Zeiss has created a multifunctional device in a compact and elegant body. The world’s first binoculars of this type, they are virtually no different from the binoculars without the rangefinder, the laser is integrated into the optical design of binoculars and on the case there is no separate emitter. Comfortable and familiar layout with a Central hinge, a large drum Central focus, and large informative control buttons for the right hand. Like other Victory FL binoculars here used turn-and-slide eyecups eyepieces with locking in 4 positions. The eyecups are removable, and if necessary, they can be removed and cleaned.

Carefully designed optics of Carl Zeiss ensures maximum resolution, contrast and color reproduction that will satisfy the most demanding customers. These binoculars used the lenses with a lens diameter of 45 mm, they increase the system throughput by 15% compared to the same lens diameter of 42 mm. This can be very important in the pre-dawn hours, dusk and cloudy winter days. Carl Zeiss has developed two models of binoculars Victory RF: wide-angle model with a moderate increase of 8 times and a field of view of 125 m at 1 km, and a model with a large magnification 10x and field of view of 110 meters.

Knowing the exact distance to the target is very important for the modern hunter, passionate, but at the same time responsible and nature-loving people. Digital laser rangefinder with a maximum distance of 1200 meters determines the distance with an accuracy of +/- 1 meter. A measurement tool is an invisible eye safe laser beam. Measuring system, equipped with modern electronics ensures immediate delivery of results. A particular advantage of the Victory RF rangefinder is a very narrow laser beam, allowing for precise measurement of small targets even at long distances. For example, at a distance of 300 meters the spot covered by the laser beam has a size of about 50х15 see

The reticle and the results are displayed via the led display, the numbers and mark glow and brightness are matched for easy reading, and is adjusted automatically depending on light conditions. According to numerous testimonies of hunters, such a display is much easier a traditional LCD in black letters.

World’s first complex ballistic calculator built into a binocular a laser rangefinder. Known to many binoculars Leica Geovid only shows the distance to the target. But this is only half of solving the problem called accurate shooting. For each caliber the correction for distance may be normal. The BIS™ informs the hunter about a specific correction value, that is, how many centimeters above or below the desired point of impact have to aim. For example, if the display shows H8, it means you have to aim 8 inches higher. Using the button “install” the observer can choose from six different programs, calculating the correction for most hunting calibers. The separation of the zero and the ballistic range is also unique, it gives greater accuracy than other ballistic calculators that do not have this feature.

When you click the activation measurement reticle comes on immediately and can be locked on a target, is measured, if the button is released, immediately appears the result. This scheme has two significant advantages compared to traditional used in most rangefinders, when the first click is to activate the device, and for the second to take a measurement. First, a measurement on the principle of “One-click” 2 times faster, and, secondly, the hand tremor is much less when you let the button than when pressed, which improves the accuracy and the probability of obtaining a result.

Durable and light body of the binoculars is made of magnesium. Rubber coating protects from scratches and minor bumps. The binoculars are waterproof and nitrogen-filled. Operating temperature -10 to +50 guarantee reliable operation in all conditions of hunting.

Binoculars Victory RF receive innovative protective lens coating LotuTec®, which does not allow moisture to stay on the lens. Thus, in any weather lenses always stay clean, picture-perfect, and You don’t have to spend time shaking off the drops and cleaning the lenses at the crucial moment. In addition, expensive lenses with modern coatings, will certainly live longer if their will be less rubbing to clean.

Compact innovative binoculars with laser rangefinder from Carl Zeiss.

  • High-performance optics for unsurpassed observation
  • High-precision built-in laser rangefinder
  • Ballistic information system BIS™
  • An increase of 10
  • Lens diameter, mm 45
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm 4.5
  • Twilight factor 21.2
  • Eye relief, mm 15.5
  • Linear field of view m 1000 m 110
  • Real field of view 6.5 degrees
  • Diopter adjustment, DPTR +/-3,5
  • Maximum measured distance, m 1200
  • Minimum measured distance, m 10
  • The distance to the mirror target 1200
  • Distance to tree is Not installed
  • The distance to the deer is Not installed
  • Measurement accuracy (up to 500 m), m +/-1
  • The accuracy of the measurement (up to 1000 m), % +/-0,5%
  • Ballistic calculator Yes
  • Protractor no
  • Range of measuring angles, degrees
  • Scan mode Yes
  • Priority mode near no purpose
  • Priority mode distant target no
  • The mode “Rain” no
  • The wavelength of the laser radiation, nm 904
  • The laser beam divergence 1,6 x 0,5 mrad
  • Power source 1 CR2 lithium battery
  • The resource of batteries, number of measurements 10000
  • Nitrogen filling Yes
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Color Black
  • Body plating no
  • Tripod socket no
  • The operating temperature range, ° C -10°C – +50°C
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm 167×135
  • Weight g 995

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