Combat 10×42 binoculars

Combat binoculars 10×42 Profi – this binocular for field observations. A 10-fold increase allows us to consider the landscapes and animals, the field of view 101 m – cover at a glance a wide space.

Binoculars collects light and transfers a bright image even in twilight and cloudy weather. It can be recommended to hunters and travelers.

Optical system created on the basis of the roof-prisms. Thanks to these binoculars smaller and lighter than a classical field binoculars in Porro-prisms. With Combat binoculars 10×42 Profi easier to travel and easier to conduct long-term observations with it. Lens made of borosilicate crown K9. This is a complete analogue of the popular optical glass BK-7. On the outer surface of the lenses applied multi-layer coating. There is protection from the solar flare and internal reflections. With good weather, and at dusk the picture is clear, crisp and “alive”.

The body of the binoculars rubberized and protects optics from dust, dirt and moisture. Eyepieces and lenses are protected with removable covers. To eyepiece cover is not lost, they are attached to the optical tube binocular rubber rings. If necessary, you can withdraw them.

You can adjust the distance between the eye and adjust the diopter on the right eyepiece.

Focus drum is centrally located and has a smooth ride.

  • Increase, times 10
  • Type of prism roof
  • Material K9 optics
  • Lens coating multilayer antireflective anti-glare
  • Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 42
  • The removal of exit pupil, mm 15
  • Real angle of view, ° 5,2
  • Field of vision on removal of 1000 m, m 101
  • The possibility of diopter correction, D is
  • Interpupillary distance, mm adjustable
  • Method focus Central
  • The rubber eyecups on the eyepieces
  • Size classic
  • Enclosure plastic
  • A destination for hunting and fishing
  • Additionally, the rubberized surface of the housing
  • Waterproof is
  • Dimensions, mm 130x150x59
  • Weight, kg 0,56

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