Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-B Binocular rangefinder

Geovid HD-B provides access to a database of ballistic curves for practically all standard caliber. In addition, with the help of microSD card users can load in a ballistic computer the data personally filled munitions or ammunition non-standard calibers.

The General concept of the new Geovid HD-B represents a revolution in the world of rangefinders. The uniqueness of binoculars-rangefinders a new type is provided, first, the highest characteristics of the optical system Perger Porro prism, a second, optimized from the point of view of ergonomics of design and, third, connection of a laser rangefinder, which has an extremely high specification with a multifunction ballistic computer.

The newly developed intelligent ballistic calculator the ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) allows hunters much easier and with greater accuracy to determine the aiming point. Depending on the characteristics of sight (mesh type, the availability of the system ASV) calculator for fractions of a second will give the hunter all the parameters necessary for the removal of the aiming point (in centimeters, inches, or meters), or to bring the aiming point in the centre of the crosshair of the grid (in the clicks of the drum).

In the calculation automatically takes into account the atmospheric pressure, the angle of the terrain, the temperature and the specificity of the used cartridge.


  • extremely long range measuring laser range finder – up to 1850 m;
  • ballistic calculator ABC for the calculation of all necessary to the hunter amendment;
  • correction of the aiming point for different types of meshes and riflescopes with ASV;
  • booting from the Micro SD card specific ballistic data of the ammunition used by a hunter;
  • the calculation of ballistics taking into account atmospheric pressure, angle, area and temperature;
  • extremely bright, clear and easy to read led display with automatic adaptation to external lighting;
  • very fast measurement – max. 0,3 sec.
  • sharp, high contrast, excellent volume and plasticity of the image, through the use of Porro prisms;
  • easy-to-clean lens with water and dirt repellent AquaDura coating;
  • very high light transmission and neutral color rendition.
  • ergonomic design makes extended observation fatigue-free;
  • simple two-button control;
  • the eyecups discrete setting (five fixed-click position);
  • extremely durable, lightweight, fully elastic, rubber-coated magnesium chassis.

Work ballistic calculator:

  1. Indication 1. Using the sight with the classic mesh adjustment the point of impact is realized through regulation of the aiming angle. The display Geovid HD-B displays data for the distance and the excess vertically (in centimeters or inches). The calculated value of the excess shown in the stylized image of the target and corresponds to the desired removal of the aiming point vertically relative to the circle in the center of the target.
  2. Display 2. If a hunter uses a scope with ASV (Absehenschnellverstellung mesh quick settings) that adjust the point of impact is carried out using drums entering amendments on the display Geovid HD-B will reflect the number of clicks required to bring the aiming point in the centre of the crosshair of the grid. The format of the output data: 1 MOA, 1/3 MOA, 1/4 MOA, 10 mm/100 m, 5 mm/100 m.
  3. Display 3. For an accurate shot using a ballistic reticle, it is vital to know the distance to the target in a straight line. As in the previous cases, the correction calculation is automatically taken into account barometric pressure, angle of terrain and temperature, and all the data is displayed on the display Geovid HD-B.
  • Magnification, x: 10
  • Lens diameter, mm: 42
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm: 4.2
  • Angular field of apparent view, °: 6.5
  • Field of view at distance of 1000 m in m: 114
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m: 5
  • Optical stabilizer: no
  • Type of prism: Porro
  • Twilight factor: 20.5
  • The distance from the eyepiece to an eye, mm: 20
  • Range of diopter correction: ±4D
  • Focus type: Central
  • Interpupillary distance: 56-74
  • Low-dispersion lenses: Yes
  • Multilayer-coated lenses: Yes
  • Eyecups: retractable
  • Eyepiece for glasses: Yes
  • Protection from moisture and dust: Yes
  • Filling with nitrogen/argon: Yes
  • Tripod mount: 1/4″
  • Built-in rangefinder: laser rangefinder
  • Measurement range, m: from 10 to 1825
  • Measurement accuracy, m: ± 10m in 1830 ±1m at 500 ±2 for 1000 ±0.5% on 1000
  • Display: 4-digit led display
  • Switch meters/yards: Yes, software
  • The laser beam divergence, mrad: 2.7 x 1.5
  • Speed of measurement: 0.3
  • Measuring functions: Single mode/scan mode
  • Power: 1 x 3V/CR2 lithium
  • Battery life: 2000 measurements at 20 ° C
  • Dimensions: 125 x 174 x 70
  • Weight g: 980

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