Navigator 8х40 profi binoculars

Binoculars the new generation Navigator 8х40 profi is a classic representative of its class. Having a very attractive price the binoculars are able to show yourself in the best colors with the improved optical performance and updated ergonomics.

The housing is ergonomic shape and design, thanks to which now do not worry due to the fact that the binoculars can accidentally slip out of wet hands or hands with gloves. This factor may be one of the determinants for people who like extreme situations or long trips in harsh conditions.

Manufacturer of binoculars also has a good optical and working parts of the binoculars Navigator 8х40 profi. Thus the device used a large 50 mm lenses, which are capable of several times more to absorb small particles of light, so now there is no need to fear the coming of night or cloudy weather, because the binoculars will provide you with enough bright and legible image even in such difficult conditions.

Also worth mentioning about the quality crafted design of the housing. The manufacturer was able to significantly increase the level of protection against environmental factors fragile parts of the binoculars.

The case has received high-quality rubber coating, which can create protection to the binocular from dirt, water and drops from medium height. 

  • Type of prism: Porro
  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Visual magnification: x 8
  • Exit pupil diameter: 5 mm
  • Diopter setting: ± 4
  • The interpupillary distance adjustment: 52 – 72 mm
  • Field of view 1000 yd.: 143 m
  • Size: 140х185х60 mm
  • Weight: 680 g

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