Nikon Action EX 10×50 CF WP binoculars

Nikon Action EX 10×50 CF WP is to be class of field binoculars.

Low weight and wide field of view will be indispensable for lovers of active holidays or long journeys.


Versatility. Lenses with a diameter of 50 mm has a high aperture ratio allowing the same to effectively use the binoculars in daylight and at dusk. Wide field of view components 114 meters or 6.5° per 1 km, which greatly simplifies the observation of different objects.

High-quality optics. The Porro prism in combination with multi-coated to provide superior light output and picture quality. The design uses only environmentally friendly glass BAK-4 without the use of lead and arsenic. Turn-and-slide mechanism of the eyecups enables comfortable use. While setting and fixing the inter-pupillary distance allows you to use the binoculars without taking off glasses.

Excellent reliability. Rubber coating protects the case from mechanical damage and accidental drops. The nitrogen filling eliminates lens fogging under conditions of rapid temperature change and high humidity. Design completely waterproof and able to be at the depth of 1 meter for 5 minutes, which greatly facilitates the use of the binocular in challenging weather conditions.

  • Magnification (x) 10.00
  • Lens diameter (mm) 50.00
  • Angle of view (real/degree) 6.50
  • Angle of view (apparent/degree) 65.00
  • Field of view at 1000 m (m) 114.00
  • Exit pupil (mm)
  • Relative brightness 25.00
  • The takeaway point of sight (mm) 17.20
  • Minimum focus distance (m) 7.00
  • Adjusting interpupillary distance (mm) 56 – 72
  • Length (mm) 178.00
  • Width (mm) 196.00
  • Type Porro
  • Weight, g 1020
  • Protection from external influences and waterproof attorney (allows for submersion in water, eliminating the fogging from the inside)

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