Nikon StabilEyes VR 16×32 binoculars

Binoculars Nіkоn 16х32 ЅtаbіlЕуеѕ c the damping system has proven itself during observations c the moving vehicle, c the yacht during the sea voyage and from the car during the Safari. Enjoy perfect picture quality and freedom of movement together co stabilizable Nіkоn!

Binoculars Nіkоn 16х32 ЅtаbіlЕуеѕ is ergonomic design and easy control (all buttons located on the upper part of the body).


  • Magnification – 16x, minimum focus distance – 3.5 m, a large eye relief (15 mm) turn-and-slide eyecups
  • Prism c photocorrection coated lenses with multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Fully waterproof, the. – nitrogen
  • The image stabilization system (optical compensation by moving prisms in the frame c of the propeller shaft), VR button РАUЅЕ for a comfortable panoramic observation
  • Central focusing, adjustable interpupillary distance, diopter correction
  • Tripod mounting (outer diameter ¼ inch)
  • Continuous operation for about 6 from 2 alkaline AA batteries at a temperature of 20 °C

Special button РАUЅЕ disables the VR image stabilizer for comfortable observation fast-moving objects or during the panoramic review.

Bce series ЅtаbіlЕуеѕ equipped with image stabilization system, which allows to compensate for even the most minor changes and vibrations that occur in the process of observing the world around you. The system is arranged as follows: image erecting prisms are arranged in a frame on the universal joint and gradually change their position with the help of two high-speed micromotor, a horizontal and vertical piezoelectric transducer tracking the slightest fluctuations in the position of the binoculars (e.g., shifting when shaking hands or when monitoring c of a moving vehicle). Observations can be carried out without using a tripod, which greatly extends the use and application of binoculars Nіkоn 16х32 ЅtаbіlЕуеѕ.

Binocular has a durable watertight housing. Bright and clear image is maintained even during sharp temperature difference, since due to the filling of the optical channels are drained with nitrogen, the inner surface of the lens does not fog up. Rubber swivel-and-slide eyecups and a large eye relief allow you to monitor a protective or diopter glasses.

To obtain bright and high-contrast images of high quality on the surface of all lenses coated multilayer antireflection coating, a coating photocorrection prism provides more clear and sharp image with high resolution throughout the field of view.

  • Magnification, ratio 16
  • Lens diameter, mm 32
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm 2
  • Exit pupil distance, mm 15
  • The relative brightness 4
  • The field of view, deg 5
  • Apparent field of view, deg 60,8
  • The field of view, m/1000 m 66
  • The focus range of the lens, m is from 3.5
  • The adjustment range of interpupillary distance mm 56 72…
  • The range of operating temperature, C -10C…+50C
  • Waterproof Yes
  • A. nitrogen
  • The vibration damping system optical compensation by moving prisms in the frame of the gimbal suspension c
  • Range VR, deg +3
  • Diopter adjustment, DPTR +3
  • Food, B 3B (2xAA)
  • Time battery life 6 hours at 20°C
  • Macca device (without batteries), kg: 1,12
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 181x142x81
  • Country of origin: Japan

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