Norin 7×50 binoculars C2

Versatile binoculars can be used in dozens of ways: from hunting and tactical games to March to the stadium, sea trips and even observations of the Moon.

The combination of reliability, simplicity and functionality make this device indispensable for everyone who wants to see farther than others.

The case is made of heavy-duty metal alloy with rubberized coating. It protects the prism from dust, water splashes, impacts and other impacts that the binoculars may be exposed to in nature.

Prisms are arranged in a classic Porro system, which delivers great 3D picture with natural brightness and contrast.

Central fixation and adjust the distance between eyepieces make the binoculars comfortable for a person with any physiological characteristics.

  • Country China
  • Packaging 1 PCs
  • Package size of 23 cm × 23 cm × 9 cm
  • Weight 1.561 kg
  • Lens diameter, mm 50
  • The configuration of prisms Porro
  • Maximum magnification, ratio 7

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