Pentax 10×50 SP binoculars

S series consists of a high-aperture binoculars with roof and porro prisms, having a diameter of the lens 40 mm.

Binoculars SP 10×50 has good luminosity at a moderate frequency that is optimal for observations in adverse conditions, including with hands in motion. In addition, SP 10×50 features reliable rubberized case with a convenient design and superior optical performance and a very affordable price.


Time-proven optical design delivers crisp, clear, high-contrast images with minimal optical distortion. Proprietary multi-layer coating of the main optical elements reduces light reflection and glare. Simple focusing system provides accurate and fast tuning, and ocular rings of soft but dense rubber and provide comfort during observations.

The system of Central focusing with the wide ring allows the observer to adjust the focus quickly and accurately. And with the help of the diopter correction mechanism is simple and convenient to adjust the image depending on the level of view of the observer.

Multilayer ar coating improves light transmission optics eliminates spurious internal reflections, improving brightness, clarity and contrast of the image. Pentax adds a sophisticated multi-layer coating on each surface of the lens and prism all binoculars line of Sport Optics to ensure that you get a bright clear image.

Prisms of high-quality optical glass BaK4 with high refractive index is used in all Pentax binoculars, that allows to obtain a perfectly smooth and clean image without darkening (vignetting)at the edges.

  • Rubber coating effectively protects the inner mechanism and optical elements from shock and damage.
  • Good aperture ratio, due to the large diameter of the lens
  • The presence of the socket adapter allows you to install the SP binocular 10×50 on a tripod
  • Type Binoculars with Central focusing mechanism and a “porro”prism glass BaK4
  • The lens construction 2 elements in 1 group
  • The design of the eyepiece 2 elements in 1 group
  • Increase (magnification) 10x
  • Lens diameter 50 mm
  • Field of view 1000 m 114 m
  • Exit pupil diameter 5.0 mm
  • Eye-relief of 13 mm
  • The relative brightness (luminosity) 25
  • Range of diopter adjustment -/+ 3 D
  • Focus range (shortest) From 9 m to infinity
  • Height 56 mm
  • Width 196 mm
  • Depth 166 mm
  • Weight 900 g
  • Moisture-No
  • Accessories Adapter for mounting on a tripod “Tripod adapter N” (art. 69553)
  • Coating BaK4 prism
  • Lens coating multi-layer coating on all optical elements
  • Minimum focusing distance of 9 m
  • Twilight factor 22.4
  • Center-to-center distance of the eye (the distance between the centers of the pupils) 58 – 71 mm

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