Swarovski STR 80 Pipe visual

Shots at long range are always a challenge that requires personal responsibility of the shooters and their realistic self-assessment. Of particular importance is the relationship of monitoring, evaluation and shot.

For such critical situations we offer a new product – spotting scope with reticle, the STR 80.

Integrated reticle (MOA or MRAD) STR 80 spotting has a unique design. She prosiraetsa and can be activated and deactivated. This means that it can be used throughout the range of magnification and in bright light conditions (10 day and 5 night levels). It dieticheskaya force also can be adjusted seperately.

It allows you to easily and freely switch between the evaluation of the distance to an object of known size or between two points and monitoring targets. The reticle allows you to see the probability of missing the target.

And so you can immediately make the necessary adjustments for the optical sight. 

  • Magnification 20-60×80 25-50 × 80
  • The diameter of the objective lens 20-60 mm 25-50 mm
  • Field of view at 1000 m 36-20 42-27
  • Focal distance 6,0 6,0
  • CR123 battery CR123
  • The battery life time (HR) 1300 1300
  • Weight (in grams) 1,995 2,030

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