TSH Yukon 20-50×50 WA Pipe visual

Spotting TSH Yukon 20-50×50 WA – a unique optical device with high magnification, combining high quality and reliability with modern design.

Tourism, hunting, guarding, patrolling, search and rescue work, study of nature, energy, and Geology are among the areas where necessary and widely used pipes Yukon.


  • Ease of use, compact size, extremely light weight and high magnification distinguish TSH pipe Yukon 20-50×50 WA from the existing telescopes of this class. In the pipes used the original mirror-lens scheme with a shifted optical axis and special mirrors to significantly reduce the size while maintaining high optical performance of the product.
  • The use of high-precision zoom mechanism allows you to smoothly change the magnification from 20 to 50 times. High quality optics with multi-layer anti-reflective coating provides bright and sharp images. Special wide-angle eyepiece (WA) allows you to expand the field of view in half.
  • To increase wear resistance and protect against shock and moisture, casing pipes Yukon (Sibir) brainwashin covered with a special coating.
  • Well located tripod socket with 3/8 and 1/4 inch, you can attach the pipe “Yukon” to any of the standard fotostation.
  • Using an exclusive kit, consisting of a compact tripod and clamp, the telescope can be installed not only on desktop but also on the side Windows of the car. Special plate for the tripod, provides additional stabilization of the visual field for long observations in the field. The device has a special guide to facilitate its aiming at remote objects.
  • The purpose for hunting and sport, tourism
  • Zoom is
  • Waterproof is
  • Material optical glass optics
  • Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 50
  • Magnification, times 20-50
  • Relative aperture 1:6,9
  • The field of view,° 2,5–1,15
  • The removal of exit pupil, mm 14
  • The twilight factor is 31.6–40
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m 10
  • Field of vision on removal of 1000 m, m 44-20
  • Sealed design no
  • Enclosure plastic
  • Additionally the thread size for tripod 1/4″ and 3/8″
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm 2.5–1
  • Resolution, ang. seconds 3-1,2
  • Weight, kg 0,7 (net)
  • Dimensions, mm 240х110х76 (device)

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