Yukon 10 x 50 WA binoculars

The original design of field binoculars Yukon 10 x 50 WA is sure to attract Your attention. But this binocular is not only unusual external characteristics, but also all the indispensable features of modern optical instrument.

This powerful tool has the ability to collect a lot of light, allowing observations in low light and the sharpness of the image provided by glass optics with quality coating. The 50-mm lens gives a wide field of vision, which, coupled with the 10x magnification makes this model useful for hunting, camping or at the stadium.

The binocular has a very convenient option diopter setting. Thanks to the rubber coating of binoculars is particularly pleasant and easy to use. Case is impact-resistant and very ergonomic. The design of the binocular features advanced, patented lid system Eclipsetm designed to minimise the risk of damage or contamination of the optics. In a time when the lens covers are not needed, they are easy to recline and are close to the body, so it is not interfering with the observations.

And ocular covers have another important property – they reduce lateral flare, which means that the picture will turn out especially the contrast. 

A wide strap and carrying case make the binoculars convenient and hassle free.

  • Increase, times 10
  • Type of prism Porro
  • Material optics BK-7
  • Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 50
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm 5
  • The removal of exit pupil, mm 14
  • Real angle of view, degrees 6
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m 5
  • Size classic
  • The mount to the tripod/Adapter 1/4
  • A destination for hunting and fishing, army/field
  • Dimensions, mm 193x220x70
  • Weight, kg 1.0

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