Yukon 12×50 WA binoculars

Many buyers that are looking for for yourself through binoculars, emphasize that they need the possibility to observe not only ground facilities, but also celestial bodies. In such cases, the observer will rescue a pair of binoculars with a wide view and a significant increase in such as “the Yukon” 12×50 WA.

Devices of this manufacturer are highly prized by connoisseurs for its reliability and functionality even under difficult conditions. They always provide a clear picture even if the observations are made at very low light. Yukon binoculars have a rubber coating, which not only softens the blow and prevents the ingress of water and dirt inside. And maximum comfort for the eye helps easy adjustment diopter power for each eyepiece.

As the features of these binoculars it is possible to allocate a unique system covers Eclipsetm – it provides the most reliable protection for eyepieces and lenses from adverse effects. If you do not need the lids, they are easily discharged to the body and absolutely do not interfere with the conduct of observation.

In addition, eyepiece cover contribute to reduce the lateral flare, and therefore, the image contrast becomes higher.

For convenience when carrying the binocular has a wide strap and rugged case.

  • Magnification, ratio 12
  • Type of prism Porro
  • Material optics BK-7
  • Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 50
  • Exit pupil diameter mm 4,2
  • The removal of exit pupil, mm 12
  • Real angle of view, ° 5,3
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m 5
  • Size classic
  • The mount to the tripod/Adapter 1/4
  • A destination for hunting and fishing, army/field
  • Dimensions, mm 192х220х64
  • Weight kg 0,75

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