Yukon 16×50 binoculars

The binoculars are made by the classical scheme with the Porro prisms ensure maximum light transmission, the image is quite bright, despite shestnadcatiletnie magnification binoculars.

The optical components of the binoculars are made of high quality glass and have a multilayer coating magnesium True ColorTM, which provides the correct color – you can view all the shades of colors of remote objects.

You like good binoculars, but you irritate lens covers, which somehow always end up in the farthest pocket and always lost? Then Yukon 16×50 is exactly what you need! Powerful prism binocular in rubber coated case with high-quality optics and naturalmania covers lenses and eyepieces are ideal for observing any objects.

The binocular has Central focus – the sharpness of the image in both eyepieces is adjusted by turning the drum the Central focus. For people who have different visual acuity of the left eye and the right eye, the possibility diopter correction. Impact resistant the body of the binoculars is made of carbon, it has a comfortable shape and does not slip in your hands. A special coating protects the housing from moisture and contamination, and the presence of dust seals increases the durability of the binoculars.

The binoculars has a standard patiesibu with a diameter of ¼ inch and can be installed on a tripod using a special adapter. This prevents hand fatigue during long observations and the associated jitter, which significantly hinders the fine detail in distant objects.

Binoculars Yukon uses the unique system of caps on lenses and eyepieces EclipseTM. Caps reliably protect optics of the binoculars from dust and dirt, accidental damage during storage and transportation. During the observation lens covers are folded and tightly pressed against the body of the binoculars, so they do not create inconvenience for the observer. Cover glasses also protect the eyes from lateral flare, thereby significantly improving the comfort level when observations and their results.

All Yukon binoculars are equipped with a comfortable wide strap and carrying case for transport and storage.

  • Magnification, ratio 16
  • Type of prism Porro
  • Material optics BK-7
  • Coated lenses special anti-reflective coating True Color™
  • Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 50
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm 3
  • Field of vision on removal of 1000 m, m 71
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m 10
  • Method focus Central
  • Size classic
  • The mount to the tripod/Adapter 1/4
  • A destination for hunting and fishing, army/field
  • Dimensions, mm 185х215х70
  • Weight kg 0,75

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