Yukon 6-100×100 Silver Tube optic with a tripod

Telescope Yukon 6-100×100 is a unique optical device that provides high-quality image within a increases from 6 to 100 times. Perfectly suited for observing animals in their natural habitat, no matter how far from You they are. Lightweight table tripod supplied makes the steel mobile tool.

A unique feature of the telescope Yukon 6-100×100 is a huge range of magnifications available within a single optical device is from 6 to 100 times. Visual pipe allows to conduct stationary surveillance remote on the big distances of the objects.

Yukon 6-100×100 has two optical channel. Top 25-mm channel (a range of magnifications from 6x to 25x) can be used for pre-aiming on the object. Main channel (lens diameter 100 mm) enables the observation range increases from 25 to 100 times and is used for detailed observation of remote objects. The multiplicity and the primary and secondary channels is changed by rotation of a wide ring located in the center of the eyepiece. Switching between channels is accomplished instantly with a simple turn of the handle.

Node eyepiece of the telescope Yukon 6-100×100 angled at 45 degrees, and rotated relative to the optical axis by 360 degrees. This arrangement maximizes the ease of observation from different positions and with tripods of different heights.

Yukon 6-100×100 can be used not only for observation but also for taking pictures or video. To reveal this side of the pipe allow accessories (photoadapter digital camera and videonasty Yukon), and at distances which are inaccessible to many expensive long-focus systems.


  • A wide zoom range from 6 to 100 times
  • Two lenses of different diameters
  • Multicoated
  • The ability to connect photoadapter
  • Compatible with videonarezkoy
  • Comfortable design
  • Housing made of durable plastic
  • Table tripod included
  • The type of lens-achromatic objectives
  • The optical design of Mirror-lens
  • ED lens no
  • Protective lens coating no
  • Protective lens coating (description) –
  • Lens diameter, mm 100
  • The maximum increase in 100
  • A minimum increase of 6
  • Diameter of exit pupil, mm 4 1
  • The removal of exit pupil, mm 16
  • Linear field of view, m at 1000 m 122 – 11
  • Real field of view, degree 7 – 0.6
  • Focal length, mm –
  • Relative aperture –
  • The minimum distance of focusing, m 10
  • The possibility of photo/video shooting Yes
  • Built-in camera no
  • Kink the optical axis 45°
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 1/4″ and 3/8″
  • Filling with nitrogen no
  • Water resistant no
  • The length of the optical pipe, mm 425
  • Weight, kg 1.5
  • Country of origin Republic of Belarus
  • Purpose of the use of Observation, photo and video

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