Bird with a red breast and yellow beak

Bird species are many, so it is impossible to remember them all. But there is an order of birds that most frequently make their nests near humans. Birds cavity nesters settled in the hollows and easily you can attract to your infield.

Birds settled in the hollows, which are hollowed woodpecker or build their nests in flaking from the dryness of the wood and roots.

Most representatives of the group of passerine birds, and to him include the following families:

  • lark;
  • warblers;
  • tryasoguzki;
  • thrush;
  • lastactive;
  • zavarushku;
  • Staroye;
  • spiritlife;
  • korolkowii;
  • olapcube;
  • Remezova
  • pishhevye;
  • krapivnikova;
  • Staroye;
  • passerine;
  • cinavia;
  • skvortsovo;
  • mahalapaye;
  • finches;
  • evolkova;
  • ovsyanikova;
  • corvids;
  • Remezova.
The Starling family

Common Starling has a black plumage, but with a slight metallic sheen, but the wings and tail are painted in brown color. With the onset of autumn on his feathers appear white spots. Typically, these starlings like to settle close to villages, closer to the people. Their nests are made in hollows or birdhouses. They laid eggs in mid-spring have a bluish color. The Starling feeds on insects, especially those that harm gardens and orchards, so they are good for harvest.

The rosy Starling has wings, tail, head and neck black, but the breast it pink. Young individuals have a little bit of bright plumage, and an adult bird can be distinguished by the crest on the head. The rosy Starling is considered a migratory bird and lives in the South of Russia. The empty nests on cliffs or in crevices of cliffs. This bird is a good destroyer of locusts, other insect pests.

Family vorobyovyh

House Sparrow has a different plumage. The head of the male is gray and the throat and to the lower part of the chest it is black in color, the remainder of the breast is white. But the female has brownish plumage and below it is much lighter than the top. Lives a bird in all the forest zone of Russia and settles near villages and villages in the nesting boxes under the eaves of houses or in crevices of buildings.

Big bird belongs to the order vorobyovyh and is considered the largest of all the Tits. This bird with yellow breast also has black stripes, but the wings with the tail of the blue, back green, cheeks and nape white spot. Color, of course, beautiful and to meet her rarely because she lives in most parts of Russia, but settled in the thickets of the rivers and nests in the hollow. Its eggs are white with reddish-brown spots. Eats food and she’s looking for it in the trees and bushes.

Crested tit is still another name for Grenadier. This is the name of the bird was due to Pappus. It has black and white color and the pointed end. The plumage of the bird is grayish-brown, but the neck is black. There is this bird in pine woods in winter looking for food in home gardens. Food uses of spiders and insects, prefers weevils, beetles. Their nests are made in hollows with a small hole and they find these cavities low to the ground.

The family Drozdov

Blackbird has a bright black color of feathers, but the beak and eyelids of his orange, in females the bill is darker. Blackbird inhabits deciduous forests, gardens and parks. Viet nest on the ground or in bushes, rarely on the horizontal branches, but low a little above the ground. A Blackbird sings and while singing, the male may sit motionless on the very top of the tree.

Belogolovy thrush differs from the Blackbird by a large white spot on craw which resembles a Crescent moon. The color is lighter, the male may have brownish-black plumage. Young females have the same color, but with bright wings and a spot on craw missing. The bird dwells in the upper part of the forest in the bushes. The nest built on the ground or Bush.

To the order of vorobyovyh also includes the Bluethroat. The Bluethroat of the family Drozdov has a blue breast, and somewhat resembles a Nightingale. They are small and nimble, making it difficult for people to notice it. In the month of April they come to Russia from warm countries and live in thickets of willow, alder and sedges. And necessarily near their nests should be water. The coat color of females and males is very different. Most often the female he is humble and inconspicuous, but during the mating period the males have the color becomes bright. The Bluethroat sings well and imitate the singing of other birds.

The family of finches

Yellow Finch belongs to the passerine and has a bright yellow coloration, especially in males. Only the wings and tail is missing yellow. Reel lives in coniferous forests, and it can be found in the continental mountains. Socket view on the branches of coniferous trees or bushes. Feeds on grains, which finds in the bushes, among the grass and the trees.

Finch has the same size as a Sparrow and belongs to the passerine. The bird with the red breast has black wings with white stripes. The female has a slightly different color. It lives in forests with different terrain. Chaffinch can be found in coniferous forest and broad-leaved. The nest is built in trees or shrubs, and the finches are doing it out of different material.

Another bird with a red breast – it is common bullfinch. Bird is one of the largest representatives of the family of finches. The migratory species, most often they live in the South. Bullfinch nest in forests and city parks mostly in coniferous and deciduous trees.

Family Zhavoronkova

Small wood lark belongs to the passerine and different brown body plumage with black spots, the underparts are white, and on the breast with dark streaks. It is a migratory species of birds. The nest builds on a grassy slopes with woody vegetation, on the fringes of the forest or olive groves. It builds its nest on the ground in the grass, so he can’t be seen. Material for the nest chooses rude. Powered woodlark invertebrates, insects, and distinguished from other larks.

Unusual birds

To an unusual bird belongs Golovanova gannets, which belongs to the family olesevich and is considered to be purely marine bird. Found only in the vast warm seas in the coastal zone. They are characterized by unusual color.

The plumage of the wings brown, tail black, the neck brown with white streaks, and the breast white. And booby has a gray-blue beak. And the most striking feature are the bright blue or turquoise legs. Birds are carnivorous, so a diet consists of fish, which they catch in the sea.


All birds of the passerine have a common similarities:

  • small size;
  • dwelling in forests or country parks and gardens;
  • prefer to build their nests low over the ground or in dense grass;
  • many individuals prefer to live in birdhouses;
  • this files most often have black, brown or gray plumage.

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