Common zelenuha, bird zelenushka, its lifestyle and reproduction

When spring comes, arrives many different flocks pticu They have a variety of colors, sizes and voices. Among many of them you can see a small energetic bird zelenushka.

This bird with their sonorous singing evokes the world from the long winter sleep. These tiny creatures have a lot of charm, and they never cease to amaze everyone around them.

Long ago people called this little bird forest Canary. Relatives of birds are passerines.

Appearance greenfinches

Zelenushka has feathers bright yellow color with greenish tones. Seeing her, hard to look away. Size zelenushka the same as a Sparrow. To distinguish the Sparrow from her head and under her beak. The head of greenfinches a little more passerine. It is a large form with correctly set eyes. The beak of the greenfinches is a different thickness and has a light color. The tail of this tiny bird’s narrow and short, has a dark tail, and the tip of it yellow. The body of a common greenfinches long and dense, has a distinct notch. Its length is approximately 18 inches and a weight of 35 grams.

Males of these birds bright color. Females are mostly brownish gray with a hint of olives. All the juveniles are similar on females but the breast they have a little bit darker.

Habitat and characteristics of birds

In nature there are eight subspecies of common greenfinches. First time these little birds were found in Europe. Then they started to bring in Austria and South America.

Basically, the bird lives in Europe, on the Islands in the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, in Asia, Iraq and in North-West Africa.

Greenfinches that live in Northern regions migrate to warmer climes and nest there. In the Central regions more sedentary birds of this species, in rare cases, some birds fly. In the South as well as in the Central regions, inhabited by sedentary greenfinch and a very small percentage of wandering.

To shelter the birds prefer deciduous and mixed forests. Those greenfinches who do not migrate often in autumn and winter can be seen in flocks of other birds and sparrows.

In the cold season these little birds can be found on the territories of cities and towns. For nesting they prefer places where there are arboreal or shrubby vegetation. Trees may be both deciduous and coniferous. But the crown they have to be thick.

Greenfinches do not like the wide forest areas and dense thickets, as these bushes form impenetrable thickets, and the tiny birds don’t need it. These birds feel comfortable in coniferous forest edges, mixed forests, parks and gardens. Favorite place greenfinches is a sparse coniferous forest, next to which there is a field.

A nest of greenfinches

Nests are usually view at a height of three meters. To do this, choose conifers or deciduous trees that have magnificent crown. On one tree can accommodate more than two nests of these birds.

Dwelling construction is used:

  • different twigs;
  • branches of trees;
  • the stems and roots of various plants.

Externally your house they lined with moss. Nests Hollywood is very different from other huge nests contamination, especially after the light little fledglings. The reason for this is that greenfinches do not clean the nest from droppings of birds. Therefore, their nests become very dirty ruins, which is not a very pleasant smell.

The birds singing

Zelenushka his singing informs the world about the coming of spring. Vigorously they sing in the mating season, mostly it starts in April or early may. Their very shrill chirping monotonous, but will charm those who hear it. It alternates sonorous chirping and Trilling.

In the mating season, the male the morning starts to sing to their females. For this he chooses a high and cozy tree. From time to time the male takes to the air for the flight to show their bright and beautiful plumage.

When the mating period ends, an ordinary zelenochi hushed and silent. Then you can distinguish them from other birds only in appearance.

Lifestyle and nature of common greenfinches

Flight of greenfinches can be compared with the flight of the bat: their flight is very similar. This bird flies very fast, when it soars and takes the different arcs in the air. This happens until it doesn’t land.

This bird can affect its diving flight. To do this, she abruptly takes off high into the air, where does a pair of beautiful circles, after which slivaet wings along the body and falling rapidly. On the ground the birds move by hopping on both feet.

Greenfinches behave differently, and behavior follows.

These little birds are very calm, joyful and peaceful. They live in their little small world and prefer not to touch.

But despite this, such small peaceful birds, too, have enemies. Chief among them is the Raven. Crows attack greenfinches, destroying their offspring.

Food of greenfinches

The power of the bird is quite picky.

Basically the diet includes:

  1. sprouts of wheat;
  2. seeds of various herbs and plants;
  3. the buds of trees;
  4. insects.

Before you eat the seed, they clean it from the husk. These little greenfinches are very fond of juniper berries.

If zelenushka lives in captivity, its diet should be as free birds. To please bird, you can give her pieces of different fruits. But don’t forget that she’s in the cage must be large amount of water. In another scenario, you may experience problems with digestion.

The reproduction and lifespan of greenfinches

In the spring, when mating season begins, females diligently start to build nests for themselves and future offspring. To do this, they choose places where does not appear. The eggs of females begin to lay in March, there are four to six in one nest. Eggs are white in dark spots.

Females incubate the eggs for about two weeks. During this period, the male brings food, and performs all other duties. And even after hatching he feeds the female and the offspring that came to light.

When it takes around three weeks, the female begins to build a new nest and the male cares for the offspring.

After the Chicks performed two weeks, they begin to live independently.

On average, greenfinches live eight years, but it depends on their living conditions. If the bird is living in captivity, and caring for it correctly, it can live up to thirteen years.

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