Hoodie: how many lives, what it eats and where it lives

A bird species like hooded crows belong to the genus of crows, the family of corvids, passerine, type Chordata.

Hooded crow is one species of bird belonging to the genus of crows. Typically, black and gray crow refers to the subtypes of the same type, since they differ only by its color. These types of crows can be crossed among themselves and to grow up perfectly healthy babies.

What is hoodie? You might guess that the colors of this bird are gray. The top of her dark black legs. The average body length can reach 50 cm, weight – about 500 grams. Usually, the hoodie looks a little larger than a rook. The scope of its wings reaches the meter. Beak high, curved and strong. Young individuals are usually darker than their ancestors, cloudy blue eyes and a pink beak. Makes sounds hoarse on the type of” Carr”. Large and clumsy steps move on the ground. Sensing the dangerous situation, begins to ride.

The crows are very active and vindictive birds. They can remember the dog that hurt them a year ago and in packs to attack her. Sometimes the abuser grey individuals can recognize fur hat person. The worst enemy of this bird is the owl, which, at night, during sleep, kills them.

When the going gets cold, birds fly to winter in warmer climes and, after the cold weather returned. Those crows that spend the winter, find their prey in the waters and in the woods.

How many lives hoodie? This question is quite relevant, because there are myths that they can live about 300 years. However, it does not. This bird can live for 20-30 years, but there are exceptions. There are allegations that some of these birds meet centenarians, which two times can live your average age of death.

The habitat of the grey crow is quite extensive:

  • Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Asia;
  • Western Siberia.

Place of residence determines the following:

  • Forests;
  • Landfill;
  • Field;
  • Small towns;
  • Village.

An abundance of people it does not frighten, on the contrary, whet. To deprive gardeners, growing their fruit and vegetables? So easily!

Diet and the daily routine of a grey crow

This is probably a not uncommon species of birdsthat eat absolutely everything from the food in the trash bins, ending with rodents and fruit. Menu adult birds consists of various small rodents, beetles, worms, birds, food waste, carrion, eggs, fruits and grains.

Produce the food they themselves completely in various ways. They are very resourceful. There were several instances when adult females came across a walnut and she brought it on the road. After that the machine will move the walnut, she eats it. Stale baked goods crows soaked in the puddles.

Often, people witness how a flock of gray birds swarmed the trash or a landfill. Birds can carry out leftover food in a more secluded place, and therefore remains near the dumpsters is a mess and chaos.

For the love of smaller birds and rodents, crow call bird of prey. She like to eat squirrels and rabbits, living in forests and parks. Also, in the diet of this gray birds consists of fish and small gulls.

Everyday life of these gray birds begins with their awakening. Before dawn they gather in flocks and begin to fly. They are going on some huge tree and then scatter over the fields in search of food. For dinner, they returned to the tree, can long NAP, and then go in search of food. Spend the night crow whole clusters, they may join the jackdaws and rooks. Spend the night, usually in cemeteries, and parks.

Reproduction of hooded crows

Reproduction usually occurs 2-5 years of life. The maximum age for breeding and laying eggs – 20 years.

The nest the bird builds in trees and buildings. New nest the pair builds each time a new. The mating period starts with the arrival of spring, preceded by courtship the pair, tumbling in the air, swinging on wires, and a performance from males aerobatics in the sky.

Usually nests of crows are close to each other. Despite the fact that individuals of these birds like to feed in landfills, they will never build a nest in any dirty place. Parents are very sensitive to the environment and the health of their future babies.

Around March-April, parents begin to build a nest. It is built of straw, twigs, rags, various hardware. Hooded crows lay from two to six bluish-green eggs with dark spots. And those eggs crows that delayed the first will be painted much more intensethan the last. During the hatching of the nestlings, the male is busy with the production of food for themselves and their partner.

At the time of hatching were observed the strange actions of the bird-mother: she almost never sits quietly on the eggs, and then raspiraet wings and gets to his feet. These actions are associated with the ventilation of the nest.

Chicks 20-35 days. Initially they are completely helpless and require constant care and regular feeding. It is noteworthy that the first light shown on the boy-chick. Mom starts too to get food for the Chicks. Ravens guard parents in turn. The most popular food for nestlings – eggs that abducted the parents of baby crows. Hooded crows have also been abducted and nestlings of other birds to feed their.

In mid-June, the Chicks begin to fly out of the nest. The first time are with their parents who fed them. In July, the Chicks begin to live a full life.

How to make a crow at home

In today’s world you can see people have unusual animals. Increasingly, the person gets in the house crow. However, to make themselves an adult crow that has already lived an independent life in the wild is a very big mistake.

But if gray crow tamed another chick, she will quickly get used to its owner. Those who hold such an unusual bird houses, say that crows are very intelligent and quick-witted. However, something to steal for her is not difficult.

Crow, who has lived in the house, so get used to it that when she let go, she can go home to the owner. Manual of crows can even be taught to speak, but it will require a lot of time and effort from the teacher. In order for the bird remember the words you frequently and loudly repeat them.

Crow is not recommended to be kept in a cage because she loves to move. If Raven spent her life in captivity, it can never reproduce the sounds of their countrymen. But easy to catch and reproduce all the sounds he hears in the house.

Should tame the bird a crow, when he was 2-3 months. Older bird to tame it will be very difficult and almost impossible. After a few years the bird will want to leave the house and fly away. If she was raised properly, you will feel on the outside, if not will perish.

It is worth considering that taming a bird like a crow, over several months should give her a lot of attention. And then, when the bird grows up, it needs attention of the owner. At least a couple of hours the owner will have to devote to your new pet.

Material costs, and have such an unusual bird will be spared. The only thing that will require money – in the arrangement of her home. Grey crow is able to live with a man my entire life. The life expectancy of a domesticated grey crow is not much different from the life expectancy of wild. But, due to the fact that domesticated crow does not spend its forces on the prowl, it can live for several years more than her wild friend. The owner should just carefully examine the diet of a grey crow and it will give him his long life.

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