How to catch a pheasant: ways of catching birds

There are many ways of pheasant hunting without firearms. Bird traps are really fascinating pastime that requires subtlety in the manufacture. Common fishing pheasant are the types of hunting weapons: noose, hook, slingshot, and bow.

But in this case I do not get to fishing birds anywhere, this some time will have to spend in search of the nest.

Hunting is in the fall. Pheasants recognized as one of the most beautiful species of birds in the wild nature.

If caught, the feathered one should not kill. Enough to establish themselves in their skills and release the bird into the wild or take it to the content in the home.

This article will provide information on fishing pheasant humane ways almost without bloodshed.

Distribution, lifestyle and appearance

Pheasants are considered to be quite productive. The male is able to fertilize at least two females. In winter, pheasants prefer to unite in groups and work together to survive the winter, but in spring they separate in pairs to breed. Females equip a secluded nest, and males do their purpose – fertilization, flying from one nest to another.

They have spread from Central to Central Asia, in the West – from Japan to China. Was introduced in some European countries and the USA. Live in groups in the thick bushes. The way of life of pheasant were similar to other species of birds. For your stay choose the reeds, forest undergrowth, thickets and fields. Eat spiders, molluscs, woodlice, worms, cicadas, ants, beetles, snails and horses. Sometimes chosen as the prey of lizards, snakes and mice. Corn is considered the best food.

A characteristic appearance:

  • there is a featherless ring around the eye;
  • the average length is 86 cm;
  • weight about 2 kg.
  • as expected, males are larger than females, have a plumage with a metallic tint, and the females are the color of sand grey.
Search the nest

Pheasants are very difficult to track downand even harder to catch them. Birds the tactics of disguise: if other birds at the sight of the hunter begin to fly, the pheasants prefer to stay in place, even when the hunter is in close proximity, and waiting, when the danger will pass them by. Nest weave is also hidden from human eyes. For this it is necessary to study the main characteristics of the behavior of birds.

Pheasants always place your residence on earth. Paws to rip a small hole, then a long mask of different vegetation in the form of branches and grass.

In winter they can burrow into the ground, but this rarely happens. In the winter they are easier to detect, they leave tracks in the snow, and in summer spreads the feathers near his hole.

Pheasant housing settling in the high grass and thick bushes, where it is difficult to reach them. This occupation engaged in by females, where they hatch the eggs, the amount of 12 pieces on average, their shape is similar to oval, and the color white-green. Food pheasants rarely leave the nest due to the fact that they with great zeal courting their offspring, and will not step away from him. If the male still did not fly away to another family, he carefully guards the Chicks and the mother. At this time, can communicate with each other with loud cries, they’re like howling, but this only applies to the male, the female responds are much quieter.

Types of traps for pheasant

There are many traps for pheasants, but here are the most common:

  1. Hunting for a loop. A simple and effective trap is fishing on a loop. Originally from the home of the pheasant. Maybe the socket can be placed close to the field where you grow crops. You need to walk around the perimeter and look for tracks as soon as they have been seen there, it is recommended to set a trap. Pheasant trails typically don’t change and they move on the same road. To trap, use a long thin steel wire. Wire shall not be stretched, because the pheasant is a bird with considerable weight, which can break the trap. The cut material 150 cm in length, the number may be different. The instructions made hinge: diameter of the coiled ring is 9 cm, then the edge is inserted in the loop for the formation mobility of the ring, then the trap is fixed on a branch with a certain ground pressure, a kind of little pass. For a successful result you should make a few of such products. If the pheasant breaks from devious traps, then the next time it will be prudent. The bird engages the inner edge of the product, and then the noose tightened. It is recommended to frequently check the trap to pheasant was not stale.
  2. Hunting on the hook. The easiest trap for pheasant, also less expensive than others. Hook gets about 10th of the size, then the cutting edge is pushed corn is a favorite food of birds, in General, all like fishing. Just need to find the nest, and after finding it, near the home must be attached to the branch hook with corn at the height of 0.5 meters from the ground. As foods should scatter near the nest a little corn, also for efficiency suspended from several hooks.
  3. Hunting with a slingshot. Quite a rare weapon for hunting and like children’s pranks, but it may appear at first glance. If other types of fishing pheasant is very simple, this exotic method requires considerable experience. You need to have sufficient strength to powerfully execute the shot, as well as a sufficient number of charges. Need to aim to the head. For this case it is recommended to use special hunting slingshot, they are designed perfectly, the power stroke and distance of defeat. Sold in hunting stores. Pheasants are moving on the same route and we have to find him, then hide in a convenient location for shots and to wait, when the bird goes in search of food. When a need to focus and hit it in the head. Such a blow will lay the feathered.
  4. Bow hunting. For bird hunting you will not need onions of large size, is light enough and compact models. Need to know what can be found within 500 metres, people and Pets should not be present. Should ensure maximum safety to others, but without harming the desired result. You should also know that pheasants are resilient creatures, and not every wound they can die or fall with injuries that immobilize them. This will require special arrows, which are designed for this kind of hunting. It is important not to spoil the look of the production.

Most of the fields in the countryside raided pheasants. This applies to the private sector and industrial zones. They bring significant damage to corn fields, ruining them. In these days the bird want to catch not only the hunters, but residents of private houses, which are seedlings of grain crops. This information will be useful on all occasions, moreover, such fishing pheasant does not require a firearm.

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