How to release the parrot from the cage for the first time

Parrots are loved by many. These beautiful creatures become Pets, not only because of its simplicity, but also to his good nature. But even if the bird is unpretentious, this means that it still need to take care of.

Before you buy a pet, you should be familiar with the basic rules of care, feeding, rules of hygiene, pick up the house, as well as accessories. The newly minted host is required to know when and how to release the parrot from the cage the first time. This and many other things you will learn in this review.

Adaptation of birds in the new house

In the first days after buying volnisty will experience stress, do not worry about this, so adapting after purchase. The bird is nervous as they took him from relatives, he was alone, besides, settled in a strange place.

The bird needs time to settle at home

Some owners of parrots is recommended to cover one side of the “house” opaque piece of fabric to volnisty could find him under a shelter. Adaptation wavy parrot after purchasing is the process of adjusting to a new place. A few days is recommended to allow the bird to develop the territory.

If a few days the parrot will not eat from a trough, pour him food on a tray, trying to do it quietly.

Feathered he will find food and begin to eat. And when will obvykle, then, no doubt, will begin to use the feeder by appointment daily.

Have you noticed that the little bird is drinking? A container of water can not be fastened to the wall, and put on the bottom, and volnisty will drink from there until full adaptation to the new territory.

It may happen that a bird will sit on a perch and be silent. This behavior indicates stress due to climate change. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over in a few days and the feathery thing begins to please you with their activity and the tweet, and leave it, trying not to scare. So, the adaptation period will take place for a pet quickly and painlessly.

The importance of flight for parrot

Flight is important for parrots, like human air

Despite the fact that budgies and cockatiels are homemade, they need to fly as well as wild relatives. Therefore if you are thinking about when you can release the parrot from the cage after the purchase, whether it is necessary to do so, we can confidently say it’s worth it.

Allow to get the bird into the can immediately after you see that bird obvyklis with a new family that is with you!

Also many owners are concerned about the question of what would happen if a parrot out of the cage at all? It is bad for his health, he will be stressed out, to refuse to eat food at all can get sick.

Flight for volnistye very important. Pet must fly, otherwise the wings may atrophy, and then, the flight will remain a dream.

Very good for feathered will, if you allow him to fly, without limiting the freedom of action. Also buy bird large cage, where they can stretch their wings, to train your muscular system. What is more, the better, especially if you plan to have another feathery thing.

Reading this information, you will find the answer to the question of whether or not to release the parrot from the cage, after all, from the above, it is clear that flight for volnistye, and any other important parrot. Bird and flying – are inseparable!

When and how best to release the bird from the cage after purchase

When and how to release the parrot from the cage the first time? This question torments many owners of birds. Before I was allowed to make its first flight, make sure that the bird accustomed to a new habitat. The feathery thing should not be afraid of the owner and other Pets.

Typically, the addiction goes up to three weeks. First flight parrot needs to happen in the spare room without dangerous objects and other Pets. If he doesn’t want to leave the house, do not apply power.

Perhaps the pet needs time to get used to, or still present fear. Give the bird time. You will understand when you can produce wavy parrot from the cage to the flight earned him the favour and pleasure.

It is better to release the bird from the cage in the second half of the day

Usually the most peaceful behavior in birds regardless of breed – this time in the afternoon, so if you are wondering when you can produce Corell from the cage, do it after lunch. Make sure in advance about your free time because you need to observe the bird to ensure that she didn’t get hurt.

One parrot in the room it is better not to leave the flight pet, you need to follow: it can bring damage to yourself and your vehicle – parrots love to chew on wire and pull button from the remote control or laptop!

Before to release you must do the following:

  • 1. Close Windows, vents, birds flew away into the street.
  • 2. To remove from the premises all dangerous and sharp items.
  • 3. To remove all about that during the flight can go on.
  • 4. Close mirrors and lockers.
  • 5. Windows need to close the curtains, as the birds do not notice the glass and can not only hit them, but break. Very often this leads to disastrous results.
  • 6. To remove all electrical appliances that are dangerous to birds.
  • 7. Remove all the things that you value. Otherwise they can break, stain or fall out.
  • 8. To ensure that feathery thing didn’t eat plants, since many of them can lead to a lethal outcome.

During the flight it is advisable to observe the following:

  • To ensure that the bird is not tangled in the blinds
  • Don’t allow your pet to fly in the kitchen (especially if the kitchen is anything prepared.
  • To ensure that feathery thing didn’t eat plants because eating many of them can lead to a lethal outcome.

Maybe the pet did not immediately leave his refuge, so after opening the doors, step back, watch his behavior. At first the bird may be afraid to be outside of their “apartments” – will be anxious to rush or climb on the Cabinet and will sit there. At this point, do not touch it, wait until it will fly to where you will be able to catch him and return back to the house.

How to put a parrot in a cage?

Try to release the bird into the wild at the same time

Now, you know when you can release the parrot from the cage, but it is still important to know how well it back after the flight around the room. To put the pet back without difficulty, it is necessary to study his habits, to establish a trust relationship, feeding grains. Thus, it is possible to quickly find a common language.

Often wavy, feathery thing doesn’t want to go back to their “apartment”, as he likes to play with the owner. It is interesting to observe that when one tries to catch it. It also happens that pet sits at the entrance to the house, and as soon as the owner is suitable to close it, it flies away. This means that the time to return home has not yet come and the feathery thing wants to run.

If you release the bird it will get used to the regime and will enter the house itself. For the first time, of course, will have to try to lure him out. Observe regime of its power and when you pinpoint the exact time of eating, can I leave the bird for some time before his lunch. So he will fly and he will be back in the house to eat, and you will accordingly be able to close it.

Wear pet occasionally on hand – they love it

Catch with your hands or with a towel is not worth it, you not only frightens her, but also can hurt. Besides, after that, volnisty will begin to be afraid and cease to go at all, as it was after purchase. A soft dark fabric you can use in a pinch if you need to leave, but the bird does not want to return to his home. Throw bird blanket or piece of cloth, very gently and carefully transfer the bundle to the cage and slowly open, releasing an involuntary prisoner.

Some birds like it when the owner wears them in the hand or finger. Thus, to return the little bird back is very simple. You can try to lure her with a treat, then she’ll come back on their own and no problems will arise.

How often you need to release volnistye of cells

The bird need to be released to walk regularly, especially if it has the standard small cell

If the feathery thing large spacious house, it is often to be out he does not need. But, if his home is small then over time the pet will begin to experience discomfort and flight will be absolutely necessary to him.

Whatever it was, every owner decides for himself how often he will release your pet.

You can do it at least every day, most importantly, to provide volnistye a safe environment for flying.

To birds not used to the freedom, he should not fly more than two or three hours, or start a tantrum, he can jump on the bars, shouting loudly, demanding to be let out.

In any case, frequency of the flight your pet will depend on its activity and character, and your free time. You should bear in mind that young parrots require freedom regularly!

Look closely to his feathery thing more and you will definitely know when the time will come to make its first flight.

How to teach a parrot to fly

Flying parrot which take at least a quarter of an hour a day to contribute to the proper development of the pet. It helps in strengthening of muscles, increase in life expectancy.

The most important rule of learning is his free will. Completely eliminate any violence, throwing or pushing, as you risk losing the trust of birds.

It is inherent in their nature and parrot either:

  • Can not, because this is the first experience
  • Can but don’t want

So, first it is necessary to pay attention to the health of birds, her mood. Ensure the cleanliness of the cells and that water is always fresh and food full. Welcome individual vitamins.

Parrot is an interesting creature, loves to try to beak everything

After the adaptation period of being in the house, you can move on to the next stage. Try to show the parrot that the cells have access and surrounding space around. The way the bird sits on your finger, and you repeatedly pass out of the cell and back. Try to do it smoothly, avoiding sudden movements so as not to frighten the bird.

You can try him a little “hint” on the flight. For this purpose it is necessary to place it on his finger, and slowly led the hand from side to side. Do not forget again, to avoid sharp movements, which the bird might lose balance.

In the process of learning can bring favorite toys or food parrot. Placing it on a small hill to a review, simply bomanite. Allow the bird to see the familiar subject matter, and to make an independent decision. Parrot by nature curious, and if it will not be too scared, it should work.

Don’t forget about security, which is required to be taken into account. Close and closes the window, curtain the mirrors, as it is the injury associated with glass are often the cause of bird deaths.

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