Interesting facts about swallows

Swallows – small birds that belong to the family of swallows in the passerine. They differ from other passerines is long wings and tails. Swallow broad chest, short neck and flat head. The beak is short, flat, widening towards the base, almost triangular, with slightly bent end.

Legs short, weak and tiny claws. Feathers are short, tight to each other, with the characteristic metallic sheen. Females and males differ little in plumage. The pips on the contrary, in the first days of life are very different in color from adults.

There are 79 species of swallows. A large number of swallows find shelter in people’s homes, some live on rocks and cliffs, as swallows for the arrangement of the socket choose the trees.

Most species have adapted to build sturdy nests, the outside walls are made from clay lumps soaked in sticky saliva. Some species have great difficulty rip holes in the soil, excavation of the cliffs, make the extension at the end and arranged in a nest, mostly the nests consist of a large number of stacked in a pile of feathers. The clutch usually has 3-5 eggs that are incubated by the female only.

Swallows are called noble birds, as to the physiological and aesthetic sense, they are well endowed. The major part of their life, these birds in flight. They rest in trees, sitting on branches and twigs without leaves, that would be easy to reach.

Swallows is songbirds. They are very intelligent and smart. Arriving to a new area they are closely studying it. Swallows have learned to distinguish friends from enemies and will only trust those who will cause their trust.

Swallows are insectivorous birds. They feed on mosquitoes, flies, and small beetles. Catch insects and drink water only on the fly.

Barn swallow

Barn swallow (killer whale)

The upper torso and the goiter are dark-blue, with a metallic sheen. The throat and the forehead a bright chestnut color. At the bottom of a light-yellowish color. Females are paler shades from the males. Barn swallows are found throughout Europe, Western and Central Asia. This species of swallows from ancient times accustomed to man and to his house. The affection of her human home led to her our love, and in the Nordic countries have taught the people to believe the arrival of the swallows the beginning of spring and the departure – the beginning of the dull autumn.

The sight of swallows

A nest of barn swallows

Swallows have very good vision. She sees very far away a tiny insect in flight, pursues his judging gaze. The barn swallow’s nesting in the building to the top it was covered with a roof. It happens that in such places are located large companies. The nest looks like a quarter empty bowl. On average, construction of the nest of one pair takes eight days. Inside the nest are the green stems, hair, feathers and other soft materials. Swallows ‘ nests may be several years and future generations.

A remarkable species of swallows

The house Martin (funnels)

The entire body swallows a city covered with blue-black feathers, and the tail bottom-white. The eyes are brown, beak is almost black. The Chicks plumage black. The house Martin is found in virtually the same place where rustic and just a bit North. This kind of swallows builds a nest only in buildings, protected from above from rain. The shape of nest resembling the nest of barn swallows. The construction of the nest lasts 10-15 days.


Swallow beregovushki and socket

The top feathers are earthy-brown color; bottom white with brownish-ashy stripe on the chest. Beregovoe common in most areas, it settles mainly on the steep banks. It is with great efforts to vomit in the dense earth deep burrows for nests, and most often at the top of the slope, so the water flooded them.

Sitehost swallow

Wings narrow and long, the tail is long and forked. Beak short, triangular. Legs short and weak, but tenacious claws. Through which swallows cling to walls and sheer cliffs. The upperparts are dark with a blue sheen, and the bottom is blond.

Swallow is a monogamous bird, the partners are loyal to each other in one season. In Northern areas where swallows make one clutch per year, in the South – 2 masonry.

Swallows is quite stable and tolerate different load. Man these birds are of great benefit, destroying small insects that do not eat other birds, mosquitoes and flies.

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