Ostrich egg weight, ostrich eggs

Ostriches know even small children. These amazing creatures always been famous for its graceful appearance, really huge size and unique properties.

And for quite a long time ostriches are bred for commercial purposes on specially designed farms and plots of land. This is not surprising, because breeding this poultry is a very profitable business.

Ostrich egg weight, ostrich eggs

From animals you can get a lot of meat, eggs, fat, feathers and leather. Today we will talk about the main characteristics of ostrich eggs, which are in very high demand and are sold at decent prices.

Egg production of ostriches

In Russia the first ostrich farm is relatively recent. For this reason, many people still don’t know how to breed these birds and ask lots of questions. It is known that good hatchability and high quality of manufactured products is seen in individuals, whose diet is grass, roots and small stones. Also, a quick set of body weight and indicators of egg production characteristic of ostriches, which live in vast enclosed areas and do not suffer from lack of space to move. Important role in the efficiency of breeding ostriches play and temperature. They must not fall below the 16-20 degrees Celsius.

Good egg production depends on the absence of external influences and stressful situations. The bird was a negative move from one room to another, so if you are going to put her in a new place, do not worry, if the frequency of egg laying is dramatically reduced. To avoid the deplorable consequences, the bird needs to provide the anti-stress diet, which includes a double dose of fortified products few days before the upcoming event.

Ostrich eggs are extremely popular in the baking industry in many countries. Someone uses them as a daily food. For example, the people of South Africa consider them to be indispensable products of the daily diet. To successfully boil an egg, you must put it in boiling water for 45 minutes. Such a huge difference compared to traditional chicken eggs is due to the large size.

How much does an ostrich egg weigh?

Many beginning farmers ask the question: “what is the weight of the product ostrich life”? It is important to note that the weight of such reproductive material is more than 1.5 kilograms, which is comparable to 25-d chicken. Sometimes it can weigh about 1.6-1.8 kg.

The finished product is characterized by the following properties:

  1. 14% shell (for comparison, other kinds poultry the figure is 11%);
  2. The specific gravity of the protein is 53% and the yolk accounts for only 32%;
  3. In polutorachasovom product is about 100 grams of protein and 320 grams of yolk. It is important to understand that this is a very decent portion incredibly valuable nutrients;

In European countries the reproductive material of ostrich in particular demand in the food industry. Many such places are constantly looking for something exotic and unusual for the average visitor. Eggs from such a product – a very creative option which can satisfy your hunger up to 10 people.

In addition to restaurants, ostrich eggs are often bought by consumers for special occasions such as wedding anniversary, birthday or other important event. It can be used for cooking exotic dishes and decorating holiday tables. In addition, the egg may become a unique souvenir and gift. The European population EN masse buys huge ostrich eggs for the Easter holidays. They strongly paint and draw, taking into account local cultural characteristics.

The price on the European market starts with $ 10. The fact that this product is scarce and most often it is used not for food, but the quality of reproductive material for restoration of populations of birds. In the United States of America the price starts from 12.5 dollars, while the eggs of ostriches, RHEAS and he’s available for 10 bucks. In South Africa you can buy them for only 4-5 dollars.

When the owls start laying eggs

Puberty in females occurs at the age of two years. That’s when they start to lay eggs. This often happens at the age of 1.5 years. To increase egg production, many farmers use unfertilized shell. The female EMU can be considered Mature only at 40 months of age, while birds Nandu is able to reproduce after the execution 2.5 years.

The answer to the question: “how often strausii bring the eggs?” it will sound very rarely. In autumn and winter, with the exception of the female Cassowary, which can be carried in August. It is important to note that the number of eggs is not determined by the season. We should not expect that if in the previous year, Nando has laid 60 eggs, then he will lay so much. Important for efficiency of egg production are weather conditions (in the diet should be vegetables), as well as conditions of detention.

Oviposition occurs through the day. At the end the female is at rest and stored. Healthy pair of ostriches fails to defer a sufficient amount of reproductive material oplodotvorennogo more than 92%. At the beginning or the end of the season it can be unfertilized.

Egg laying female lasts about two months. For example, if a bird started to lay eggs in February, probably the last offspring will be born in late March. Autumn birds follow the same rhythm, so the owners appears stable access to the new offspring and fresh produce.

Ostrich egg is fully formed in two days. With good conditions and proper nutrition with a balanced diet and the presence of vitamins, females can bring to 12-17 units per cycle. After a 1-2 week break the procedure is repeated again, and so 2-4 times. The characteristic cyclicity is still not understood, so often the birds are up to 27 pieces of egg products.

How many eggs I had a female ostrich brings during the season?

Adult American I had a female ostrich is able to bring 40-80 eggs per season. They can weigh from one to one and a half pounds. Members of the species Rhea bring from 15 to 40 products with a dense shell in a pre-equipped socket big size. At the same time, it can take from 5-7 females. The incubation period lasts no longer than 1.5 months.

Egg production of strausa He presented 11-20 units. The bird carries the clutch almost every day, or every three days. The shell of the embryo is very thin and equal to 1 millimeter. For one laying bird can bring up to 25 pieces.

Among the main benefits of ostrich eggs should be highlighted:

  • the presence of cholesterol;
  • the presence of fatty acids;
  • a large supply of egg albumen and yolk;
  • the presence of a polyunsaturated amino acids;

In the yolk such a giant product contains a significant amount of cholesterol, which is intermediate between Turkey or duck and Guinea fowl or quail. For this reason, the yolk resembles a chicken. It is important to note that the composition of the eggs are also polyunsaturated amino acids, but the ratio is optimal compared with chicken.

Also in the present:

  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • vitamins;
  • trace elements;

Therefore, on this basis, it is safe to say that an ostrich egg is an amazing product with dietary properties and is rich in different vitamins composition. It has a positive effect on the muscular and cardiovascular systems with particular contraindications except for the individual intolerance not.

Before cooking product need to test for freshness, gently jogged him. If the egg is damaged, then after the shake out of his shell will be introduced as a liquid, and the weight will drop.

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