Scare away pigeons from the windowsill and the balcony: ways

For many residents of high-rise buildings, the pigeons become a real headache. If the parks and gardens these cute cooing birds cause delight and desire to communicate with them as close as possible, in their home to see their nobody wants. All the matter in the litter that was left of the bird.

Pigeon droppings can literally poison the lives of the inhabitants of a city apartment. Few people know that pigeons are vectors of many diseases, most of which are transmitted through droppings. “Pigeon” diseases hurts people, however, the disease occurs in a mild form, and, unlike birds, the chance to recover and not to die, of course. You can not say about Pets living with you and forced to “communicate” with the faeces of wild counterparts.

Feed once a couple of lovely creatures on your balcony, people do not think about the fact that unwittingly tames the bird. And next time he will see not only their Pets, but several members of their family, and then the whole pack at once. To adjust the number of visitors is impossible, so you’ll have to fend off all at once. Arrivals they become a regular, and hope that the doves will fly only occasionally, are not justified.

Contained in pigeon litter uric acid has a negative effect on paint, plastic and metal, fitted to your balcony. When the number of birds arriving daily in guests increases, begin to suffer and the nearby things. Comes to the fact that on its own territory difficult to store. Broken external cladding, which is very difficult to restore yourself because of the inaccessibility.

Even the slightest contact with the droppings have a risk of Contracting diseases such as trichomoniasis, ornithosis and salmonellosis. Therefore, during cleaning, be sure to use gloves and antibacterial agents, and after the procedure, wash your hands.

If the pigeons to fend off, then after a time you notice how the pigeons start to build their nests. It is very important to get rid of their visits before nesting, otherwise there is the dilemma: to destroy the nest where it may have already laid eggs or to tolerate, until the nestlings grow.

To get rid of pigeons on the balcony

Why birds are attracted to your balcony:

  • First of all, urban balconies well protect birds during rain and strong wind. On the railing of the balcony they can wait out the bad weather.
  • Due to the wide sills they are very comfortable to take off and land.
  • Left on the balconies of bread, sacks of cereals, seeds and other similar products can serve as food for pigeons. This is especially true of those owners who for a long time are not present to monitor what they have done on the balconies. All acceptable for bird food during their absence destroyed feathered aliens.
  • Cluttered balcony – a favorite place for nesting birds. In it they will find all that is required for nest-building.

In other words, the perfect place than a city balcony for the pigeon are hard to find. And you could go next door and get used to the cooing of the, if not the litter, which, unfortunately, dropped these lovely creatures.

What are the methods for de?

How to get rid of pigeons with the help of fright

One way to discourage birds is fear. Scare away birds on the roof and the windowsill very easily. Pigeons are very timid and extremely afraid of all the aggressive subjects, especially making noises. As a Scarecrow you can do the following. Cut large sheets of foil into strips and fasten them on heavy thread. This thread pull across the balcony and leave. Uninvited guests really dislike shiny in the sun foil, and the rustling makes the birds panic.

Instead of foil you can use junk CDs. Of them do not less effective repeller. Bright color shimmering in the sun disks are fearfully valid, and if properly strung, due to the noise effect will only intensify. Place the repellent on the roof of the balcony so the effect will be larger.

Similarly, using the tape from cassettes. It is wound on the fishing line or just leave fluffy balls. Importantly, the scraps of the tape was as long as possible. The tape will take off in the wind and scare away the pigeons.

Fun and time efficient way to get rid of pigeons on the balcony – balloons. On the balls draw scary faces and tied to the balcony railing. Seem surprising, but the doves really dislike balloons.

Unfortunately, this method has a short-term effect. Eventually the birds get used to the Scarecrow and cease to be afraid.

There are recommendations to make homemade predator – cat. The mustachioed pet good saves from the balcony of birds. You can put in a prominent place for pigeons stuffed crows.

A very good way to scare off pigeons music from speakers set on the balcony, as well as ultrasound. In short, birds do not like any unnatural stimuli.

How to scare away pigeons from the balcony with barrier

Another method how to ward off pigeons from the balcony. The principle of this method is that the pigeons, the conditions under which it is impossible sits down on the balcony railing. Some people use for this purpose a Board with nails. Impacted into a wooden Board directed sharp nails so that they were pointed out. The Board tied to the railings and the pigeons flying up and trying to sit up, they come across nails.

There is a more humane way to build a barrier. For this you will need fishing line. It stretched at a distance of about four inches along the railing and fix. Pigeons becomes uncomfortable to sit on the railing, and they eventually wean from your balcony.

The trough with the remains of food are very attractive. If the adjacent balcony the neighbors put in the manger, the visit of the uninvited guests you provided. To fight with pigeons in conjunction with neighbours.

How to get rid of pigeons on the windowsill?

It is important to remember that pigeons are primarily interested in the railing, on which to sit, and the food is a nice bonus to the stay. Pigeons by creating the conditions under which the seat on the rails is impossible, you can easily keep them at Bay. It may not necessarily be a Board with nails or fishing line. You can pull the sticky tape or any adhesive and sliding fixtures. As a lubricant for the sill often use vaseline. Legs of pigeons when landing, will be expected to slide and they themselves do not like to sit on your balcony.


Many birds are extremely annoying smells of spices. The most unloved of them are: cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Pour a few packs of spices in the places where they like to sit down pigeons and the result will not keep itself waiting. This repeller is considered to be humane towards the birds.



With this method, you should purchase a water gun that is easy to find in any toy store. Next, as you might guess, you just shoot at pigeons with water. Sometimes just two days of fighting to prove the futility of the crook of his arrival on your balcony.

Another device that you can buy in the store toys, is a plastic slings. They stretch along the railing, thus creating difficulties during landing.

In order to repeatedly not had to contend with uninvited guests, and understand some rules of communication with birds:

  • Try to see the balcony from the unnecessary junk. The pigeons do not create conditions for nesting.
  • If a nest has appeared that in this case there is a dilemma: to destroy it or leave it and patiently wait for the Chicks themselves will fly.
  • If you decide to get rid of the nests with eggs, simply replace the egg on a piece of chalk. Pigeons don’t wait for the brood of Chicks and will fly away.
  • Never leave water and food that can eat birds. If you don’t feed them specifically. Pigeons, and other birds are to return again and again for sustenance.

Currently in specialized stores already can see a lot of devices in the form of a repeller pigeons. Even sold the finished tape with spikes, which is stronger than the homemade boards, and look more aesthetically pleasing. There is sticky tape specifically designed for panels of balconies. Sellers can tell you how to get rid of pigeons on the roof of the balcony.

Finally, listen to the advice of zoologists and animal rights:

  • The Internet and specialized stores sold food, capable of a humane way to reduce the population of pigeons. Humane it is, of course, partly to resort to it in extreme cases. For example, if all your requests local grandmother continues to lure and continue to increase the number of birds, and, except for the balcony, have become polluted not only by cars, but also playgrounds. It should be added that this poison approved by the RSPCA as a humane way to reduce population.
  • Pigeons have a great memory. Not worth to catch them and take on a long distance, they still go back to your balcony.
  • Try to banish birds humanely and not cause them harm or pain. There are many ways listed above that will help to get rid of them. Crippled bird, of course, will not have to sit on your balcony, but such methods are unacceptable.
  • Do not use as repeller plastic gel. The pigeons will spoil the feathers, and the little birds can and do painfully die.

Fans of pigeons, which are always in every yard abound, it may be advisable to build near the dovecote. In it, they can enjoy socializing with their Pets. Preferably will even help in the arrangement and construction of the loft. In the end, this is in the interest of all residents of the building have balconies. The birds will be safe, and to feed and care for them so much easier and more comfortable. By the way, pigeons are very fond of permanent housing. It is important to know that they have a permanent shelter from rain and cold, and dealing with people gives to these peaceful birds a real pleasure.

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