Swift: how to look, where to live and what to eat

Probably no such person who would have never heard of a migratory bird called “swift”, or black swift. This black bird got its name due to its flight characteristics: it is as if she cuts the clouds with your black tail resembling scissors.

This beautiful bird resembling the swallow. In winter, the wonderful bird, like a swallow from the tales of Andersen “Thumbelina“, flies to warmer climes and spring returns and brings on the wings of warm weather.

Swift, or black swift is one of the fastest birds. She has unique wings, allowing to develop high speed and stay perfectly in the sky in any weather. These wings no one, only black swift.

Birds Swifts: characteristics of life

Common Swifts live in small flocks. In the winter, when the birds become cold and nothing to eat, they fly away to winter in warmer climes, to the South or to Asia. In early spring the birds return from wintering, and the female begins to lay eggs. The birds very quickly get used to independent life, mastering the art of flying and learn to produce their own food.

This birds loves to settle in little nooks, preferring remote places. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in this way the bird is trying to protect themselves from predators that love to eat bird eggs, but also from people who destroy birds ‘ nests. It should be noted that in the nineteenth century he was on the verge of extinction. The Europeans believed that poultry meat has high taste qualities and high nutritional value, and massively ravaged nests in order to eat or sell poultry.

Usually black swift loves to settle in such places as:

  • The deep hollow of an oak or other powerful and large trees;
  • Mink on steep river banks;
  • Crevices in the rocks;
  • In cities or towns birds often live under the eaves or in the cracks of wooden houses.
The nature of the birds Swifts

In large cities, the Swifts don’t admit to themselves at close distance, but willing to fly up to the feeders and did not hesitate to take food. Those who want to make a feeder for these birds (in the summer, because in winter they fly away) should know what they eat, and understand that it is not helpful all the food that is traditionally considered food for birds. For example, it is not recommended to feed birds roasted seeds or salted nuts because it may have a negative impact on the health of the birds.

In cities or towns often have the Swifts build their nests in the most inconvenient places. In this regard, small strigata often fall from the nest. Note: if the chick fell out of the nest, or you need to take him home for nursing or not to take up.

If the baby to pick up and then leave on the ground or put back in the nest, the mother can not recognize their Chicks due to the fact that it will smell human. A strange odor scare the bird and it will cease to feed the bird. If there is no intent to nurse the bird house, it is advisable never to take in hand, so as not to irritate his mother, because birds are very upset when their children are threatened.

What to eat Swifts

Black swift by its nature – it is insectivorous. Swifts on low-level flight is in the air with great speed and catch anything that moves. Most Swifts love following types of animal food.

If to speak about what they eat, it is:

  • Minor bugs;
  • Butterfly;
  • Caterpillars and worms;
  • Cockroaches;
  • Crickets.

When the mother feeds the Chicks, she catches insects, grinds them in his beak and makes little, soft lumps. These clumps it uses for feeding their Chicks.

The black swift is not inherently a popular poultry, however, nestlings of Swifts are often in captivity. They fall for a man that falls out of the nest. Many cities have special rehabilitation centres for kids strigat fallen from its nest where the Chicks are nursed, gradually accustomed to the wild and then, as they Mature, are released into the wild-Feeding insectivorous birds in captivity is complicated. However, to bring up Chicks in captivity. The main thing – thus to make a diet of chick that most of the diet consisted of protein foods of animal origin.

A list of the most suitable food for Chicks of black swift living in captivity:

  • Ground meat (beef, lamb, chicken);
  • Minced offal (heart, liver, lungs);
  • Eggs chopped;
  • Mealworms, earthworms or maggots;
  • Baby milk formula.

Making a diet for the kid, you must remember that Chicks are in any case impossible to overfeed. They should be feed little and often, as they eat in nature. The food must be fresh, avoid infections and gastrointestinal disorders. If the bird is malnourished food, uneaten food can no longer be used for the next feeding.

Vykarmlivaya swift in captivity, you need to pay attention to the presence in its diet of plant foods. So, the Chicks are willing to eat carrots, grated on a fine grater. Periodically it is necessary to add in food vitamin and mineral supplements in order to fully meet the needs of a growing baby of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. On all questions relating to the feeding of living in captivity the Chicks, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

It is desirable to feed the chick at the same time in order to have the baby improved digestion and developed a reflex to take food at a certain hour. In the diet of nestling need every day to present the products of animal and vegetable origin. Adult Martins are rarely held in captivity, but the principle of feeding of adult birds is approximately the same as the principle of feeding toddlers: feeding at the same time, little and often, a balanced combination of plant and animal food.

Where winters bird “black swift”

As the black swift is a purely insectivorous bird, when winter in Russia snow falls, for the birds becomes difficult to find something to eat: beetles, worms, caterpillars. In this regard, in late autumn, as soon as begins to significantly colder, the birds depart for wintering in warmer climes, where there is no snow and you can easily forage for food.

The most common wintering common Swifts living in the Russian climate of the Middle band:

  • The equator;
  • South Africa;
  • Southeast Asia (Thailand);
  • Indochina;
  • The Islands Of Indonesia;
  • Australia.

Swifts go in the winter in small flocks. During migration birds are kept crowded, trying to move away from each other. In warm areas they spend about four or five months until, while in Russia there is cold weather and snow. Typically, birds leave for the winter in late October (the exact date is different every time and depends on weather conditions) and come back, when Russia begins to actively melt the snow. As a rule, the first – second decade of April. Arriving from wintering, the birds immediately begin to disintegrate into couples to create families and build nests. Males fight over females, care for them and protect their territory, and females lay eggs and wait for them hatch out Chicks.

Swift can often be found in the city and in the countryside. These birds readily build their nests near human dwellings, but not the ones you let get close to him. Swift is a true “nurse” of forests and fields, saving the plants from insect pests. Therefore, in any case can not destroy the Swifts and to destroy their nests! Otherwise, the number of insects will increase dramatically, and plants in the forest and in the field, in the garden and in the garden might be in serious danger.

Swift black – a truly unique bird. She has a beautiful black and white colors, high movement speed and extraordinary agility. To meet the swift easy in the most unexpected places. The main thing – not to scare this wonderful bird and not to destroy nests, but it is also possible to feed these glorious birds their favorite food – worms and other insects. Special favor Swifts bring to the garden and the garden, destroying harmful pests.

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