The bird is a jackdaw habitat

Jackdaw – one of the members of the family Raven. It’s a little smaller crows, but has a full addition. Body length is 33-38 cm, weight 137-270 grams, wingspan 64-75 cm, Males larger than females.

It is sometimes mistaken for a crow because black color, although the color of the plumage of crows black with a dark grey tint. Beak small, broad, partially covered with firm bristles. The tail slightly rounded and narrow. The legs are black. If the bird is excited, then the head can form a tuft of fluffed feathers. Birds of brilliant wings and blue eyes.

The bird is a jackdaw

In the sun, their wings shining blue color. Young birds have grayish plumage without sheen. Jackdaw makes a sound like “Kai” or “Kyaw”. The jackdaw can be seen in the groups with rooks, crows, and other birds. Like to nest in pairs, often in stone buildings. Cold birds not afraid of thick and fluffy tail.

Jackdaw attracts people since ancient times. Near the settlement of people, the attraction to beautiful items, sociability and domestication – all of these characteristics are reflected in our culture.

The homeland of this bird – Western Eurasia and North Africa, mostly lives in small towns. Almost all of Europe, Western Asia, Tibet, the Arabian Peninsula is filled with this kind of birds. Natural abode is the sandy cliffs, meadows, fields, rocks. But also, the checkbox can be found on the territory of the Palaearctic region, in the center of Altai. According to estimates by the International Union for conservation of nature daws, there are more than 90 million Close relative of the common Chough is considered the Daurian jackdaw, which is common in East Asia. Looks like a regular Daw.

The character and the lifestyle of birds jackdaws
  • Jackdaws nimble, bustling, intelligent and sociable birds. When flying they are very determined and maneuver well. A distinctive feature is their voice is sonorous and melodious. Among the birds more closely communicate with the rooks. Jackdaws tend to settle closer to the man and build their nests in old and abandoned houses. So, it is easier to forage for food and communicate more than in the woods. If the forest is inhabited by a jackdaw, nest in old trees and hollows. Live in flocks in pairs, and when the time comes nesting – apart from the pack.
  • In the presence of the free space within a heap from a few to several dozen pairs. Winter and summer, when breeding or nutrition, the checkbox can be found in the community of other species: rooks, starlings, pigeons and crows. In autumn and winter the birds gather in flocks, which begin a nomadic life. In mixed flocks the number of birds can get to thousands of individuals.
  • A high degree of sociality of these birds is reflected in their aggression, which can be detected in the behavior within breeding colonies. Tipped beak, fluffed the feathers on the head and neck, shuddering wings – all these are indicators of aggression toward neighboring individuals. If the object dominates and recedes, starts a skirmish. These individuals have a very good memory and keen intelligence. Well remember people, to destroy their nests, and at times scream.
Reproduction features of

Birds are in search of a roommate in his youth, and the relationship lasts for a very long time, I love to take care of each other. Sometimes you can watch them combing each other’s feathers. Individuals live alone without a pair. In early spring couples the mating season begins. They begin to build their nests and the case jackdaws are very sensitive. Nest in places inaccessible to predators. In the construction of the socket part and the male and female.

As a material used twigs, stems, fasten the construction of manure and earth.

  • In mid-spring, females begin to lay eggs. Are three or more eggs. Coloring of the eggs is greenish-brown or blue, with numerous specks. Steam for 20 days take turns to hatch Chicks. After this the eggs go blind, and naked Chicks without feathers. A month later, the Chicks are covered with feathers, but even the first flight they are not ready. To finally grow and leave the nest they need 15 more days of full care. After departure they move to the fields and settlements, where it is mixed with other birds and start to lead a nomadic life.
  • These birds can sometimes live in captivity if you take the little chick. They very quickly become accustomed to man and always eager to chat with its owner. Chicks eat a lot and often, so if you decide to have a checkbox, for it will hard to maintain. Yet it can learn to talk like a parrot. In captivity, birds live a little longer than in the wild.
  • Half or fully migratory birds inhabit the North and East of Europe, the desire to travel increases from South to North and from West to East. In England and France jackdaws settled in Western Europe are mainly sedentary, but some in the cold season they migrate. Most birds prefer to stay in the breeding areas when there is enough food. So to say a bird is migratory or wintering, it is impossible. It all depends on the environment.
Food jackdaws

Bird a jackdaw is omnivorous, and its diet is diverse. It feeds mainly on animal food and vegetable. In summer it feeds on beetles, larvae of butterflies and flies, ants, worms, snails and other invertebrates. Produces larger prey: mice, lizards. Feeds on carrion, but much less frequently. From plant foods prefers cultivated plants and various berries. Can eat food waste, often the jackdaw can be seen in garbage dumps.

Typically produces food in an open area on the ground, rarely on trees, digging in the earth and dung. Climbs onto the backs of domestic animals in search of insects – parasites. In the villages, feeding in the gardens, near the roads and garbage cans. If the checkbox settles close to the sea, she may eat a variety of marine gifts. Birds cause severe damage to agriculture, but also benefit from them no less because they eat rodents and insects.

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