The most interesting in the life of a Toucan bird with big beak

The first time he saw a Toucan in the picture or in life, can unwittingly experience to his sense of pity. Why, what is the punishment that nature provided such a huge, exaggerated beak that looks absolutely disproportionate in relation to the body of the bird.

However, all is not so scary, it’s a deceptive impression. It turns out that the apparent broad, massive and heavy bill, is not so. The presence of many invisible air cavities makes it easy, almost weightless and at the same time durable.

By the way, with the age of the bird form of the beak varies. Youngsters have the lower part protrudes over the upper. The fact that parents trying to feed their children, throw the food up, and such a peculiar structure of the beak helps the Chicks catch the food.

Some similarities of Toucan parrots should not be misleading. The bird belongs to the order piciformes and includes more than thirty species. And say she can only one word that is similar to its name. So, we can say, the bird itself came up with the name.

The appearance of the Toucan

  • The body weight of 300-330 g. to
  • Length of 35-50 cm
  • Beak wide, large, length slightly less than the length of the body, on the edges of the notches, it’s easier to keep round fruit.
  • Colour mainly black and white but certain parts of the body bright.
  • The color of the beak is always bright. Dominated by yellow, red, orange, black (sometimes green, brown) a palette of colors.
  • Body type dense, short neck.
  • Wings of medium length, feet small.

This bright, colorful beak of the Toucan makes elegant, attractive bird. Typing on the Internet: toucans, photos and videos, everyone can see their exotic uniqueness, as bright representatives of the inhabitants of the tropics.


The natural habitat for tukanovich are South and Central America. Not to say that the Toucan is a rare bird, it only applies to some of the variety of types. Foods rich tropical forests are a comfortable place to stay for toucans, allow to maintain the population at a sufficient level.

Some types tukanovich chose a habitat for dense forests (but not forest and light field), others prefer wet woodlands, meet these birds in urban parks and gardens. In cities located in the habitat of these birds, their representatives can be found on the streets, like a dove in Central Russia. There are species of toucans that live a nomadic life, but their movements are narrow-minded and limited to flights in the mountainous areas and back.


Birds toucans are sedentary, preferring not to relocate. This species does not like to fly, preferring to travel in short jumps.

Toucans cannot be called individualists, these birds prefer to stay together, breaking in pairs only during the mating period. This teamwork helps to survive individuals in distress, the rest of the flock doesn’t, and seeks to help get rid of the trouble his friend, raising such a noise that the abuser prefers birds “on the Lam”.

Birds are diurnal, with activity in the daytime, and at night resting.

The main habitat is the branches of the trees. On the ground toucans down in moments of extreme need and do it reluctantly. The bird flies hard and can not long stay in the air.

The diet of the bird of the Toucan is mostly vegetarian. Tukanova willingly eat nuts, sweet juicy berries, tropical fruits, fruit trees. But sometimes unable to afford food animal food – eggs other birds, snakes, lizards, insects.

The voice of Toucan loud, high-pitched and audible at a great distance. Different types of tukanovich voices differ from each other: from the croaking frogs to the yapping puppy. And yet most of them they are in tune with the bird name. Well it turns out the Toucan also loud snapping beak.


Toucans are monogamous birds. By choosing its partners once they remain faithful to each other. Mating season happens once a year. At this time, the pair aims to take the finished nest, which is usually hollow, because of its beak to build a new it will be difficult. Sometimes the couple settled in empty termite mounds or depressions in the soil. Since it is not always possible to find a free suitable housing, and conflicts happen. Sometimes tukanova can evict uninvited guests from the nest, which they consider their own, although usually toucans are friendly and peaceful birds.

Females lay 1 to 4 eggs with a white-shining shell. The hatching of the Chicks lasts 2 weeks in small species, large – slightly longer, and both parents participate in this one by one. Sometimes the help in the hatching of having other members of the team, for whatever reasons, left without its walls. They do not leave the wards and in the nursing period. The Chicks hatch naked and blind, devoid of all sorts of feathers, and the appearance of the beak they differ from the shape of the nose of adult birds. Some time (usually 1.5-2 months) the Chicks need to get stronger, to get feathers, then they are under the guidance of their parents will begin to comprehend the external world.


The Toucans are not so many natural enemies, but they are. These include tree boa, large predatory birds, some felines. Vivid appearance camouflages them in the diversity of tropical forests, help to survive ingenuity, caution, and mutual assistance. Previously, local people hunted the toucans because the greasy delicious meat and feathers and bright sections of the skin used by the natives as a ritual jewelry. Fortunately, in our time, like hunting a rare phenomenon, almost came down to nothing. Lifespan a Toucan up to 50 years.

Home contents

The character of Toucan calm and docile. The bird is easy to tame, she likes to be in human society. Home keeping poultry requires a lot of space – it should be not just a cell, a space the size of a small room.

Toucans are quite agile and noisy, so people intending to make himself such a pet, you should keep in mind these circumstances, and they are quite expensive. As usual Toucan tropical climate, so you should provide them with warm and humid conditions of existence, and familiar food. Tropical guests can live in peace together and with other representatives of the birds.

Interesting facts of life

  1. Interfere with a large beak bed bird? It turns out, not at all. The bird’s head easily rotates 180 degrees. During sleep, the Toucan rotates the neck and conveniently has his beak on the back between the wings.
  2. An unusually large beak of the Toucan and the shape of its language perfectly correspond to the possibilities to crack the fruit Maracay and figs. In addition, often one of the birds taking the fruit from the branch, throws it, and catches another.
  3. If the Toucan someone is attacked, then the rest of the flock comes to the rescue, forcing the assailant to retreat. They do not leave a wounded bird, providing it food and protection from enemies until she gets better.

Toucans – birds unlike other birds, not only externally. They remind of a child and their character and behavior. These birds are curious, naive, gullible and very sociable.

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  1. In cities located in the habitat of these birds, their representatives can be found on the streets, like a dove in Central Russia

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