What are the different types of birds: their names and description

Our planet is populated with millions of different birds. They are all beautiful, unique and useful and inhabit all the territory of our land.

To sum up the information about each cruise in one article, of course, will not succeed. But we will try to learn about all the most common and interesting representatives of this group.

The most beautiful

Every bird is beautiful in its own way, but there are those of them who, undoubtedly, is a model of elegance, beauty and brightness.

  • And the most elegant and noble bird in all the world is Golden pheasant. It’s really gorgeous creation. Female Golden pheasants unremarkable, but the male popular and loved by all breeders and people interested in ornamental birds. Their homeland is China, where is his noble name, these birds magnify quite simple – the Golden chickens. Their bright feathers covering the entire body, can be of different colors, and the tail is very long and interesting patterns on it.
  • Rainbow toucans belong to the family of woodpeckers and are not only the most beautiful but also the largest representatives, because their weight can reach as much as forty pounds. Habitat for rainbow toucans serves Mexico and Colombia. A distinctive feature is their huge beak, which is almost larger than themselves. It can reach a length of twenty centimeters.
  • Despite its rather unusual appearance, the stubs still recognized as very beautiful birds. Their interesting coloration, including black, white and red color looks very simple and attractive, and the very birds very cute and funny. In the air turns this kind of can not do because of the inability to get high enough, but over the sea, not above ten feet, they fly very fast. Besides, stubs – are excellent swimmers and divers. Their greatest number was registered in Iceland. Incredibly, on the same island is inhabited by sixty percent of all the representatives of these birds.
  • Wings blue jays painted in noble blue, which is very, very beautiful. On the head the bird has a small crest of feathers. They are found in the United States and Canada. Despite its attractive appearance component, and the blue jays not the most peaceful birds. They often plunder and destroy the nests of other birds, to profit from their eggs. A characteristic feature in the behavior of blue jays is their unusually loud voice that they use for the incredibly loud screams of warning that danger is very close.
The most dangerous

Strong wings, agility, powerful legs, long claws, excellent hearing and vision – all that nature has endowed birds of prey.

A list of the names of the birdsthat are most dangerous and are fighting for their existence in all possible ways, and hunt is not worse than the large predatory animals, as follows:

  • Crowned eaglenative to Africa, is the most dangerous representative of the cruise. He has an unusually keen eyesight, and his legs and claws are so strong that the bird can hunt animals that are five times larger than herself. In the Crowned eagle’s diet consists of antelopes, foxes and monkeys.
  • Although African eared vultures mostly eat carrion, they are very large and aggressive, so if you want a pack can attack quite a large animal, then he is unlikely to escape.
  • The South American harpythat lives in South America, is not only very dangerous, but also beautiful. Her silvery feathers and a distinctive crest on the head give the bird a majestic appearance. It is powered by anteaters, monkeys, sloths, does not disdain eating reptiles, as well as their counterparts.
  • The Philippine eagle has an interesting appearance and, moreover, is a symbol of the Philippines. It is not only very strong bird, but also especially rare. His daily diet consists of monkeys and small mammals. Philippine eagles are closely monitored by the state, which is their homeland, and also listed in the Red book.
  • The heaviest eagle is considered to be Steller’s. The city is named due to the white feathers covering the upper part of the wing. Preys on small animals and on fish, but occasionally allow themselves to eat carrion.
  • Owls, perhaps the most common bird of prey on earth. The territory inhabited by them is quite extensive. To meet owls in the Europe, Asia, and North Africa. These birds hunt at night and their prey is invertebrates, small mammals and fish.
Flightless birds

We all know that there are those birdsthat cannot rise into the air. Fortunately, this does not prevent them to lead a comfortable life, and we admire these creatures. There are several reasons why some birds can’t fly like any other bird. The first reason lies in the too small bones and lack of keel, and the second is that the mass of some birds too large to fly.

All the famous bird , the ostrich can’t fly, but is an excellent runner due to its well-developed muscles and long legs. It should be noted that it is the largest flightless bird on earth. The way the wings of the ostrich are quite primitive and have loose structure. Though wingspan and can reach several meters, this is enough to lift into the air body, the weight of which varies from seventy to one hundred and fifty pounds.

EMUs resemble ostriches described above, however, much less. Their weight can reach only fifty-five kilograms, and the height of the bird is about two meters. EMU is pretty good runners, capable of speeds up to fifty kilometers per hour. Why can’t they fly? The fact that the wings of this bird are very small and poorly developed. An interesting feature is the presence of small claws at the end of each wing. Despite the inability to hide from predators in the air, EMUs perfectly protect ourselves from many dangers with the help of strong legs and sharp claws.

They are also quite large and their weight can reach sixty pounds. A distinctive feature is their bright colors head and neck that give the bird a rather unusual and yet attractive appearance. The territory that they inhabit are found in New Guinea and on some Australian Islands. They are the second largest, giving the first ostriches.

In total they are non-aggressive and try to stay away from people and settlements, but, if they come too close, the birds will actively defend themselves and their abuser not be good, because without making special efforts, a cassowary can kill the attacker, using his claw-dagger on his leg. Fortunately, the collision between humans and this large bird not happen so often.

The external component of birds Nandu makes them look like ostriches, however, there are significant differences in their appearance. The head has a more round shape, and many more beautiful ostrich feathers and some animals painted white. Nandu can boast not only a powerful legs that they develop a speed of up to sixty kilometers per hour, but his ability to cross a fairly large reservoirs.

Kiwi, really unique bird. It is very small, with long beaks, ruffled feathers and a funny style of movement. Sharp vision this type can not boast, however, their hearing and sense of smell on top.

The smallest

The diversity of birds is really amazing. They can be huge, like ostriches, weighing one hundred fifty pounds and is very tiny, weighing several grams.

  • Hummingbird-bee – the smallest bird in the world. Its length is not more than six inches, and weighs baby only a few grams! They live exclusively in Cuba and prefer to Lodge in the dense forests. But not only the appearance and size of a Hummingbird hit our consciousness. Their body is designed very unusual. The fact that the metabolism of a Hummingbird is very very quick, because in order to make up for the huge reserves of energy which they spend the day, little ones have to collect nectar from more than a thousand flowers. Kids hummingbirds feed every seven minutes, otherwise, they become weaker and many stop their development.
  • Weighs Korotkova only six grams, and the length of her calf is eight inches. This species lives in Australia, filling all of the eucalyptus forest.
  • For its small size Korolkov affectionately call the Northern hummingbirds. The body length of slightly less than ten inches, and weigh the kids, some seven grams. Despite its tiny size, this species is very hardy. Kinglet can survive the harsh weather and are able to produce food in the most difficult conditions. These birds are very cute, and complete their look with bright crests on the head. Singing goldcrests unusual but nevertheless very beautiful.
  • Buffy hummingbirds are true beauties. Besides, this is the only species that we can observe in Russia, on the island of Ratmanov. The main habitat hummingbirds are North American forests.
  • Horned Hummingbird are the largest representatives of their species. Body length is twelve inches. The color is very attractive and bright. These birds live in Brazil.

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