How to catch carp in the spring

Fishing for carp in the spring begins with the period when the water warms up to 15-16 degrees. Possible exits the fish and cooler water, but the biting of a carp in such cases is often sporadic and sluggish. Yet this heat-loving fish, like all cyprinids.

In the lower Volga spring carp fishing is often very simple and fascinating when a fairly large fish go with other fish on Polo. Meadows and fields are full of feed and water in them warms up much faster than in the riverbed, and even ducts. Here fishing is a classic float rods where sliding snap-in is the main one, so as to take the bait and big fish, which also opens onto sun-warmed shallows.

Caught in the flood plains of the Bologna fishing rod, equipped with a large spinning reel and a fishing line diameter of at least 0.25 mm if to speak about Monolake. On the line is Bologna float with a long antenna and a weight of not less than 4 grams. The bait is worm manure, as the nozzle can be used the corn. Places for catching carp that is selected is deeper than for catching roach, carp, Buffalo and other fish facing Polo.

And in such places it will not hurt to throw a few handfuls of groundbait with large particles. This may be the Transporter with the addition of flavors, especially the pineapple. Although the taste and smell carp do not know, but he reacts very well to such ingredients bait. To bait, you can add corn if fishing takes on it.

Another way of catching spring carp is fishing in the reeds and other undergrowth, where the fish is held in the spring in shallow water and actively feeds on plant food. Often these reeds dry the last of the open water season. However, there is already enough food for carp and places to shelter. And here, the water is much warmer than in the open direction and depth.

In such places, also use the rod with a sliding snap, but other than “lapdogs” fishermen use a fishing rod with a side nod, tossing the bait in the window among the reeds and vegetation at the shallow depth. The float is not raised. Often in such dense thickets of vegetation and reeds carp takes very active, but the only difficulty – a lot of hooks and fish lost during the fight. The same method is used then in the summer, especially during periods of long heat when carp goes here sorami and early evenings. Spring rather the daytime will bring success, because that is when the sun heats the water up to the max time for this temperature.

The bait also serve as worms and corn, but it is possible the successful use of maggots. It should also be added to bait. Hook nagisetty a few larvae in the form of a bundle or brush. Carps are willing to take on such large bait. To the maggots as the “sandwich” you can plant corn.

Fishing for carp in the spring of the conventional ways starts a little later, with the warming waters, and fishing locations are selected is the other, as well as tackle, dominated by different donkey. Fishing with trotlines is used in the deeper channels and Eriks lower reaches of the Volga. Because ducts are usually not very wide, for catching medium and large carp it is better to use the feeder, and the usual bottom line running in the sliding version, that is the main line threaded through the loop of relatively heavy sinkers pear-shaped, rests on the swivel clasp, which established strong leash with a good carp hook. The size of the hook to get involved is not worth it. Enough for No. 12.

Transparent and invisible fluorocarbon fishing line, a small hook will be hardly noticeable to the cautious carp and corn will look quite natural and attractive. Why is it better to use a ground rod, and not the feeder? Very careful carp often spits out the bait immediately, barely feel the resistance in the leash of paternoster, where the snap-in is tied above the trough and the leash has no freewheel. On the ground rod with a sliding snap-in, such resistance is absent. In addition, the feeder is rather cumbersome tackle, but when playing big strong carp it is better to use the simplest gear.

SCORM the places of fishing or even bait is made by tossing balls of groundbait in places. For bait you can use not the most expensive bait, because prevajanje places often lasts a few days. As a filler you can use different cereal flavors.

Fishing for carp in the spring – one of the most exciting fishing.

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