The bream fishing in winter on the reservoir. Features catching on for

This article describes the features of the winter fishing bream at greater depths in lakes and reservoirs. An overview of catching bream in winter on the course. The basic techniques of playing the jig head.

Tactics for catching bream in ponds

We are limited to a description of the day catching bream. The behavior of the fisherman on the pond due to its experience and presence of “brothers” in arms. If since morning on the ice standing tent, it is highly likely that the fishermen slept in and fished all night. In successful fishing for this fish as bream, plays a big role in communication and exchange of experience.

Day and night Parking bream, as a rule, do not coincide. Therefore, it is better to move 50-100 meters from the crowds of anglers and tents. It is necessary to make an attempt to “find my fish”. If this attempt is successful, the joy of the angler will be doubly.

Drill 5-6 holes (screws preferably have a diameter of 150-180 mm, winter bagaric should be mandatory!). The hole needs to be drilled across the Bay or channel. At a depth of 10 meters, absolutely no sense to drill in 3-5 meters from each other, the distance must be at least two depths, i.e. 20 m. After drilling it is necessary to overfeed the hole and mark them as their own. This can be done in various ways, for example, simply scatter 5 winter zherlits over the hole, without installing them. Usually on lakes and reservoirs, bypass zakormlen holes start in half an hour.

It is advisable to disguise themselves in light portable tent. Alas, this is the reality of our days. Thugs enough on the ice. Begin to sh first lured the hole.

The bream fishing on mormyshka. The game

So, you come to the first tee. You can throw a few lumps of bait. Drop a jig with a nozzle on the bottom. Slowly shaking nod, doing 4-5 smooth climbs to 50-70 cm from the bottom. Intensely then tap the bottom, heavy jig on the bottom and leave the gear alone for two minutes. If close by is roach, it will always touch the nozzle or the body touches the line it will be seen by the nod. When you bite roaches, you should try to catch it, regardless of size.

The activity of the roach under the fisherman is bound to attract the curious and brazen bream. If caught 3-4 roaches and biting suddenly stopped, and from the hole suddenly there were air bubbles is a good sign. Came the master and digging of mud at the feed fence. You need to prepare yourself and bagaric. It can be.

Finally, after several perturbations, the nod starts to climb up. Bream. At this point we need a short cutting. The depth and ability of mono fishing line, tensile strength is the allies angler. Bream rowdy first 10-20 seconds. Then it just hangs on the line, sometimes, bream moves up, it should be able to choose the line. There are difficulties with the introduction of the head bream in the hole. He resists, turns his head and often separates fine tackle.

Fishing with standing gear sometimes goes into a pause without any bite. You must resume the game, thump the bottom, slowly raise the mood again to lower and raise. If approached rockfish or perch, they should try to get something out of this hole. If biting is not present for 5-7 minutes, need to move to another lured the hole.

Features of the winter fishing for bream on the course

You should not act like miners, which lowered the bait bag with a load on the rope which goes lead ring with a leash. This method is profitable, but there is something fishing. Not fishing is a pleasure, and the work is a burden. The choice is for every angler. Any river can be found ples or pit with low flow. Balloons with bait could be rocked with stones.

Can be lowered to the bottom of a small fishnet with a load and a lure that is 3 meters above the working hole. In other techniques, the bream fishing in winter on the same fishing them in still water. More attention should be paid to the weight of the jigs, as the course will always take place the angle of the line.

If you fulfill all the recommendations, to analyze information from other fishermen, to think, to try and just think, your bream will come to you. Even one (let it be a big bream is not important), he, as the jewel in the crown is a decoration of any catch.

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