Aimpoint 3xMag collimator

The Aimpoint 3x magnifier allows you to convert any red dot sight in Aimpoint 3x optical sight. Is recommended for installation with a bracket Aimpoint Twist Mount.

These enlargers were designed for the army and special forces, but more than successfully it can be used on hunting weapons, especially if it is strap mounted Weaver-Picattiny. Regardless of what weapon you use – rifle, shotgun, pistol, powder gun or a bow, Aimpoint will offer any scope or accessory.

The company Aimpoint has made another huge step forward by applying its scientific development and production of sights new Hunter series. The effectiveness of implemented full performance sights Hunter is complemented by the length of the optical tube 34 mm and can digitally control the light.

Point the dot on target, press the trigger and your job is done. Install the sight from Aimpoint Hunter on your favorite weapon and practice the scientific achievements of the Aimpoint. 

Aimpoint is the recognized global leader and inventor of the technology bore sights. After more than 35 years of close cooperation with experienced hunters, arrows and experts on weapons systems assault rifle, Aimpoint remains the number one choice in situations where both require strength, speed and accuracy.

  • Type of sight indoor
  • Mount scope weaver
  • Lens diameter / lens size, mm 23
  • The magnification of 3x
  • Compatible with PNV Yes
  • Range of input of amendments -1.0 D
  • The diameter of the Central tube, mm 30
  • Dimensions, mm 110x44x41
  • Weight, g 200
  • Moisture Is
  • Operating temperature range from -45°C to +71°C

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