Hakko BED-17-30 VD-21 collimator

This model is one of the most interesting and original in the entire range of professional collimators brand Hakko. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for life, while the sight is sold at a reasonable cost.

The production quality is at the highest level, because the collimator Hakko BED-17-30 VD-21 is designed and manufactured in Japan.

Sight is the perfect choice for owners of pneumatic, smoothbore and rifled weapons. Thanks to its compact size, the sight can be mounted on rifles of small size, and pistols of various calibers. Perfect for driven hunts, hunts are shorter and up to long range shooting with the 1 MOA dot.


  • In the upper part of the housing of the collimator is the system of regulation of the brand, which consists of 11 steps, at the side is a 4-level controller kind brand of sight (1, 4, 6 and 10 MOA), for different distances.
  • Field of view at 100 m is 12.2 m, with the longer sight 138 mm, weight 137 grams.
  • Lens diameter 25 mm, installation steps on inch rings (25.4 mm) on any seat, weaver or dovetail, you can also podolaty not expensive ring for sight, under his arms.
  • Step of input of amendments 100 yards is 1/2 MOA or 15 mm.
  • Waterproof housing made of light alloys, fullness gas, so you can avoid fogging optics, easy to replace battery, etc. in Addition, you can easily realize the mounting of the sight onto any standard Weaver type bases for this included with the device are a special mounting ring. High quality, precision and reliability of this model will satisfy even the most discerning shooters.
  • Mount rifle scope 30mm
  • The type of collimator closed
  • Compatibility with night vision devices no
  • Country of origin Japan
  • Operating time, h 300
  • The size of the reticle, MOA 1/4/6/10
  • Lens diameter, mm 26
  • The length of the gun, 138 mm
  • Weight, g 137
  • Step of input of amendments 100 m 15
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 10
  • The number of brightness modes 11
  • Model BED-17-30 VD-21
  • Brightness control of the brand manual
  • The reticle dot

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