Hakko BED-18-30 collimator

Collimator sight of closed type. Multicoated lens provides high brightness and image clarity under all conditions of sight.

The inner lens is coated with a special multilayer coating that eliminates image distortion of the aiming mark and its “ghosting”.

The inner surface of the housing of the sight is subjected to special treatment to prevent reflections of the incident light and the light emitted by the led. The body is made of light alloy.


  • The possibility of installation on lath WEAVER.
  • 7 modes of illumination of the brand.
  • Can withstand the impact of 1200g.
  • Multicoated lenses.
  • Reliable protection against moisture, fogging and mechanical damage.
  • Type of sight indoor
  • Holographic sight no
  • Mount scope weaver
  • Type of aiming mark dot 1 MOA
  • The power is CR2032
  • Lens diameter / lens size in mm 26
  • A magnification of 1x
  • Reticle red dot 1 MOA
  • Change the brightness manual
  • Change the aiming mark no
  • Adjustment of sighting mark’s brightness, manual, 7 steps
  • Compatible with night vision no
  • The price of division of the mechanism of input of amendments 1/2 MOA
  • The diameter of the Central tube, mm 30
  • Dimensions, mm length 105
  • Weight, g 131
  • Moisture is

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