Hakko BED-28 VD-21/VD-23 Camo collimator

Due to the presence of the integrated system of installation, the sight can be installed practically on any weapon equipped with standard base WEAVER (including on the weapon with lateral fastening, with an adapter bracket).

Despite the fact that the reflex sight is not critical to the removal of the exit pupil, while firing is necessary to ensure the distance between the eye and eyepiece at least 10 cm.

  • The type of collimator Closed
  • Magnification, ratio 1
  • Lens diameter (lens size), mm-30
  • Reticle Red dot Vosgien the choice of point size, 11 backlight levels
  • The price of click of the mechanism of input of amendments, mm on 100 m or angular minutes 1 or 30
  • Installation strap Weaver
  • Protection from moisture and fogging Is. Perhaps immersion in water.
  • Dust protection Is
  • Filling with nitrogen Is
  • Case color Camo
  • Power supply 1 lithium battery, type CR2032 (3V)
  • Rugged housing Is
  • Length mm 91
  • Weight, g 190
  • Country of origin Japan

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