Holosun Infiniti HS402C collimator

INFINITY НЅ402С is a sight with the brand name “red dot”. Has dual power supply, quick-release lever bracket and the arrangement of the batteries, which prevents the review and there is a motion sensor that includes sight..

Battery compartment has the outer shape of the tray, which is embedded battery-powered and retracts into the body of the collimator. Under normal conditions, the sight is powered by a solar cell. In low light conditions, when solar energy is insufficient, lack of energy kompensiruet battery.

It is possible to switch between the two modes of sight: automatic and manual.


  • Always-on power supply.
  • Dual power supply.
  • When aiming with both eyes remain open.
  • Two power supply: solar cell, which is located in the upper part and a high-capacity battery.
  • The lack of parallax with unlimited remove of the pupil.
  • The hull shape and ergonomic control buttons create minimum interference with the review.
  • Quick release lever mount for mounting on the bar Weaver / Pikatinny. The bracket is milled on CNC machines from aluminum alloy Т6061-T6.
  • Type of sight indoor
  • Holographic sight no
  • Mount scope weaver
  • Power CR2032 – 2 PCs
  • A magnification of 1x
  • The viewing distance without parallax Parallax is missing.
  • The reticle Dot (2 MOA).
  • Change the aiming mark no
  • Compatible with night vision no
  • Dimensions, mm 147х48х62
  • Weight, g 333
  • Waterproof level IP67
  • Operating temperature range -10C to 50C.

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