Redring Gen2 for guns 1001 collimator

Redring®– the world’s only optical gun sight is specially designed and intended for shotguns. Well-balanced, with a low rise on the strap of the gun, the sight Redring® provides superior aiming.

It is designed for shotguns with a vertical arrangement of barrels and semi-auto. Due to good design Redring®, you can start shooting immediately after it is installed. Zeroing is not required. All you need is to get pleasure from shooting with the Redring®.


  • The lack of parallax
  • Rapid detection and aiming is very important for any shooter. For exact hit in the purpose from all other factors, perhaps the most important is a clear distortion-free image of the target in the sight. Redring® arrow to any target image without distortion and to provide a comfortable environment aiming.
  • Patented method of illumination measurement. Method of measurement of the light allows to determine the light level in the area of aim and instantly adjust the brightness of the aiming mark in a red circle. Whatever the background illumination, red circle clearly visible on the target.
  • The patented design of the red circle. The size of the red circle on the target equal to the diameter Grabovogo sheaf at a distance of 20 metres. When the circle is pointed at the target, press the trigger.
  • Low rise with a patented*method of damping impact. Redring® installs directly into the strap of the gun. Installation takes only a few minutes, after which the sight is ready for operation. Revision of the gun is not required. Sight – light and low-slung – has virtually no effect on the balance of the gun. Redring® comes complete with fixings, blanking out intended for guns with strap width from 5 to 11.5 mm.
  • Weight, g 134 g.-sight,60-mount
  • Height, mm 45,7 mm
  • Length mm 134 together with the mount
  • Case material and fixing Anodized aluminium(sight and mount)
  • Battery type AAAA 1.5 V
  • Width, mm 44

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