Schwabe PKU-2 collimator

The collimator sight of closed type RAS-2 is designed to monitor the area and aimed fire of hunting shotguns and rifles having an upper seat strap type Picatinny/weaver rail mount.

The presence of illumination of the aiming mark allows for aiming in twilight and at night, provided the visibility goal. The sight operates in ambient temperature from minus 40 to 40 °C and relative humidity up to 80% at 25 °C.

Sighting mark in the form of a red dot, angled size 4 MOA (1,2 мRad, 11 cm at a distance of 100 m), has 12 brightness levels for choice under specific illumination and intensity of the background. The sight of PKU-2 small (62х59х51 mm) and lightweight (115 gr. with the bracket).

Protective caps for the mechanism of reconciliation have a dual purpose is provided with a key for carrying out reconciliation, now do not need the additional tool, it is always set on the sight.

The sight has two types of seats:

– with quick-release retention mechanism (arm-lock);
– with the attachment mechanism in the form of a screw-handwheel and locking strap.


Technology high contrast “Point To”. New dichroic coating provides a high brightness of the aiming mark, and thus does not distort the color of the background. This ensures a high contrast background and the sighting mark.
Laser engraving technology in the application of official labels for special precision in reading the information.


Attorney housing;
Quick release Picatinny landing;
12 gradation of brightness;
While working from one element CR2032 – 200 h;
The System Of “Sunlight”;
High contrast sighting of the sign and background;
Durable, dustproof waterproof aluminum housing.
Very low setting on the gun;
High impact resistance.

  • Magnification, ratio 1
  • Angular field of view when the exit pupil distance of 70 mm, grad. 9
  • The diameter of the output safety glass , 18 mm
  • View of the aiming mark Dot red
  • The size of the aiming mark 4 MOA, (1,2 mRad)
  • The number of gradations of brightness of the sighting mark 12
  • Exceeding the optical axis of the sight relative to the contact surfaces of the bracket 19 mm
  • Spacing at a distance of 100 m, cm 2,6
  • The adjustment range for the distance of 100 m, cm ±100
  • Power supply 1хCR2032, 3B
  • The operating temperature range, oC from -40 to 40
  • Overall dimensions of the sight, mm. 63*59*51
  • Weight, kg 0,15

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