Black Python from the Interloper

Compound crossbow “Black Python” from the Russian company Interloper is a very unusual offer. The fact that its design is closer to the so-called snipperoo – weapons for throwing balls. In addition, a list of non-standard ammunition consists of bullets. Opinions about this crossbow in the environment of fans of silent shooting is very ambiguous.

The description of the weapon

Compound crossbow sniper, shooting arrows, Darts, and balls.


In stock form, the crossbow is only suitable for entertainment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The crossbow can fire three types of ammunition – arrows of length 16 and 21 inch, six-inch Darts and steel balls with a diameter of 8 mm. Perhaps this flexibility that many people enjoy. Another thing is that firing a non-standard charges are only possible at distances up to 15 meters. This puts the crossbow into the category of the more entertaining weapons.

However, its weight of 4.4 kilos, which is hard even for professional hunting equipment.

  • For the sake of versatility in the design of the crossbow donated not only weight. Its cable system is actually made from steel wire rope – material that does not tolerate dynamic stresses, but breaks are always unexpected, with a very high risk to all those around him. In addition, the steel wire rope should be lubricated not with wax, and petroleum jelly or similar grease, otherwise corrosion can not be avoided. So there is a high probability that entertained the cursor to the end of the day will be more like a SRT workers.
  • Block system consists of a pair of pulleys on each shoulder. This simplifies the tension is massive, broad, but relatively short arms of the crossbow, as the factor of effort equal to four. However, the underlying blocks of pulleys is fixed not rigidly, but connected to each other in the same steel cable. Thus, the probability of asymmetrical stress on the shoulders of Luke, which reduces the accuracy of the battle and its accuracy.
  • Shooting balloons and Darts is almost a blank, very undesirable for throwing weapons event leading to damage of the stringer. Capacity for balls is a long tube, is installed between the bracket pads and a bow bracket on the trigger. Balls are drawn from it in the tension of the string and held between the guide rail and its lower plane. If the crossbow is tilted down, then they roll out themselves. If you use arrows, this kind of shop need to be removed.
  • Shoe bow mounted on a circular tube, inside which is mounted a laser designator. By itself this option is rather a plus, as easy to aim, but the bow is locked on the tube with three bolts (between 120 degrees). Install it horizontally is very difficult, and the likelihood of loosening of the screws and tilt of the shoulders is great. This also reduces accuracy.

The crossbow has a strap with a width of 11 mm for mounting of optical sights, but you can only use it after removing the standard rear sight, which is made in the form of vertical slats with a cut – a very unusual design, which most shooters don’t know how to use.

Crossbow Black Python


There are two kinds of “Black Python”.

  • This two bed futuristic, plastic and
  • less well-known model with a rifle stock made of wood, covered with bright paint.

Both lodges have swivels for attaching shoulder strap (not supplied).


Characteristics crossbow Black Python:

Feature The value
Type Compound crossbow sniper
Ammunition Boom 16” and 21”, dart 6”, 8 mm beads
Bow Steel, shoulders separate
Tension force (kg) 43
Swing arms (cm) 54,6
Working stroke of the string (cm) 40
The initial velocity of the arrow (m/s) 79,2
Sighting range (m) Boom – 30, a dart or ball – up to 15
Bed Plastic or wooden
Strap for optics there
Length (cm) 90
Weight with holder for balls (kg) 4,4
Device crossbow Black Python
  • Compound crossbow with separate arms made of composite. The tensioning system consists of two pulleys, one on each shoulder. The cables and bowstring made of steel.
  • Shoe bow cast in one piece with it are the stirrup and clamp-the base of fly.
  • Aluminium rails, with four zaccagnini steel wires, which makes it resistant to abrasion steel balls.
  • Shop for balls, the steel tube fixed in the front bracket and the bracket for the rear sight. Filling the through hole, the opening shear pin, similar to the window catch. Balls are drawn one by one onto the guide during movement of the bowstring back. They are held between the rail and the top face of the tube store, it can freely skate and fall out when you tilt the crossbow.
  • The common base on which are mounted a trigger mechanism with a bracket for the strap under the optics rail and the Shoe bow is steel pipe, inside of which is a laser designator.
  • The mechanical design of the crossbow can be connected to direct plastic stock, grip and forend in the form of a pin Assembly in a shock-absorbing neoprene padding, or wooden polupustyne.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, fuse automatic. The check box disable pin with a hemispherical cap is on the back side of the trigger.
  • Sights consist of a metal front sight – pin with a thread on the front bracket, and a folding rear sight in the form of a vertical frame with a slot. The rear sight is adjustable only vertically, it is mounted on the bar weaver with two screws.
Picking and packing

Packed in standard carton Interloper unmarked. Inside the foam absorber with recesses for details. The package from the manufacturer includes:

  1. the bed with the trigger mechanism, the rail and bracket to the sight;
  2. tube-shop for balls;
  3. bow assy – shoulders, tether system, pulley blocks, stirrup;
  4. laser designator;
  5. hinged frame pillar;
  6. three aluminum arrows with a length of 21 inches;
  7. three Darts with a length of 6 inches;
  8. thirty steel balls with a diameter of 8 mm;
  9. paper target.

Instructions and certificate may not be.

How to use
  • A bow with a Shoe is fixed to the pipe box with three bolts, the pipe is installed LCC. On the bar weaver sets the frame entirely. The Assembly of the crossbow ends.
  • For loading balls into the pipe shop, you have to move the pin, similar to a window latch located on one end. On the other is a hook with a slot, which includes the fly. Tube-shop is carried out in the bracket on the bow and set it in the hole of the bracket for bracket weaver over the trigger mechanism. A ball falls on the slide and in that moment, when the string catches on the tooth of the trigger. The store is eight pieces.
  • Dart you can shoot without removing the tube store if it has no balls. For this purpose it is necessary to put the guide pads from the bow.

When you use the arrows, the tube store is removed a must! The boom is fitted as standard – one stabilizer into the slot of the guide, resting the rear end to the bowstring.

  • The bowstring is pulled by hand, if it is protective grease, it is necessary to wear gloves.
  • The trigger lock is automatically released. To switch it off, you must click on the hemispherical cap and the recoil pad (from the recesses of the Lodge).
  • LCC is operated by the button on the right side of the Lodge, located above the trigger guard. With the help of the sighting of the crossbow much easier.
How to strengthen

The trigger mechanism of the “Black Python” is designed for a force of 97 pounds. Like all crossbows, a block type, it has a so-called wall – a moment when tension force is greatly reduced. So you can replace the stock composite shoulders tougher or even metal – as an option, trimming of spring leaves of a car.

With this upgrade it makes sense to replace steel wire rope synthetic from any block of crossbow that fits on length. To improve the accuracy of the battle by indigenous pulley blocks should firmly secure on the block, freely moving along the guide rope (between the tube-base lodges and a guide for the arrows). After upgrading from using balls and Darts should be abandoned.

Further, this price and owner reviews on compound crossbow Black Python INTERLOPER.

Price and reviews

This crossbow is in the range from 10500 to 12 thousand rubles.

The reviews are very mixed. There are respondents, which would be really nice, and the crossbow they use for entertainment. Other counting on something serious, feel frustrated. In stock form, the “Black Python” can only be regarded as a dangerous toy. Unfortunately, it is too heavy for that.

Similar models

Chinese clone of the “Black Python” is a model TDR-99. Luke shoulders his steel. The company produced Jandao crossbow sniper TDR-2005R “Tiger” with a rifle stock having a smaller size and weight (2.9 kg). It shoots Darts and balls at a distance of 10-15 meters. Tube-shop for balls, it had constantly, LCC no.

Among crossbows-pistols are also popular products from the MK series 50 and 80, as well as such well-known models like Scout and ASP. The details of the choice of the crossbow is very important when buying weapons.

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