Bowmaster Fox (Fox) a recursive crossbow

Model Fox in her “younger”, which according to a number of technical specifications and design the transition from Amateur to professional weapons. The range of Russian companies Bowmaster – distributor of bows and crossbows, is the eponymous series of projectile weapons produced by her order in China.

The description of the weapon

Crossbow Bowmaster Fox refers to recursive, in which the energy for throwing arrows stored in the flexible plates, the shoulders of the bow. These parts he made of reinforced composite material.

They separate, fastened on one block. On this basis, it is well suited to professional throwing weapons.

He polupoltina plastic rifle Lodge, it is equipped with automatic fuse and strap weaver (weaver railways) for fastening of optical sights. Regular stress tension in 43 kgs can be increased to 64 by setting the other, more elastic shoulders.

The use and variety

Crossbow used for entertainment and sport shooting on the middle distance. In a modified form can be used for hunting small game – rabbits, pigeons, badgers, foxes and hares.

There are models with stock black and camouflage coloring.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Bed from impact-resistant and cold-resistant plastic with non-slip and shock absorbing coating.
  • On the shank a wide rubber pad, whose dimensions are such that the fingers do not reach to the level of the guide arrows, so injuries when using excluded.
  • Assembly with the socket and shoulders the crossbow is well balanced, easy to hold.
  • Shoulders bow with dual battle bend, separate, they are mounted on the Shoe, fastened to the bed by one bolt. This constructive solution allows to disassemble the crossbow for transportation, not afraid to bring down the sighting. Immediately after the Assembly he is ready to use.
  • The overall scale of the bow more than 70 cm, which is ten inches longer than the Amateur. So it is much more powerful.
  • The possibility of replacing the shoulders on the more elastic, with which the tensile force is increased to 64 pounds. This advantage, and disadvantage. Not everyone is able to put such weapons on combat platoon. Construction of the Lodge allowed the use of lever-tensioner.
  • The string supplied woven into a single plait, her strength and elastic properties meet the criteria of professional weapons.
  • Pistol grip box set very cool, almost vertically. Not all of the arrowheads of such form comfortable. At the front end of the forearm has a groove to which you can attach the quiver to supply of arrows.
  • The trigger mechanism is simple, with one sear, and without the possibility of adjustment. So the descent is tight and uninformative, reducing the accuracy of the battle.

The fuse box is on the small side to move it in mittens and gloves can be problematic. Many users complain about its tight.

  • Bowmaster Fox feature strap weaver for mounting optical sights. Unfortunately, plastic.
  • Supplied with a sight, which the manufacturer calls optical. In fact, he is not quite complete, and consists of an eyepiece on a high bracket and a closed front sight (ring), installed on the bow. Sharpness adjustment is performed by shifting the bracket eyepiece on lath weaver. Bracket eyepiece is plastic, tall and narrow. It’s very easy to cling to something.
  • Closed fly can be praised for a fiber-optic filament spanning the entire ring. Through this device it is not taken in the bright midday and is visible in the twilight.
Feature The value
Type Recursive
Swing arms of the bow (cm) 74
The force of pull (stock/modern.) 43/64 pounds
Working stroke of the string (cm) 28
Speed shot (m/s) 74 (after upgrade)
Sighting range (m) 50
Bed Polupoltina, high-impact plastic
Overall length with stirrup (cm) 88
Weight (kg) 2,82
The device is the recursive crossbow Bowmaster Fox

The crossbow is a recursive type.

  • Shoulders the bow separate, dual combat bending of reinforced composite material. Each is mounted on a block with a groove of one bolt. Mount pads are also bolted hard.
  • Lodge rifle, poliestireno type with almost upright handle and a large cut between her butt.
  • There is a rubber recoil pad and a groove for mounting the quiver to the stock shafts on the front end, pads.
  • Forend has a solid rubber grip that makes the grip more comfortable and prevents contact with fingers under the string during the descent.
  • For the convenience of the tension of the string to the block attached to the stirrup, it is stationary.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, with one sear and automatic safety. Its check box in the form of ribbed button located above the brackets on a single line with the string. On the bed is the symbol of the on and off position.
  • Sighting device consists of a bracket with eyepiece mounted on the bar weaver over the trigger mechanism, and a closed front adjustable front sight with fiber-optic thread.
  • The front sight is mounted on the pad of the bow and has a simple adjustment or two longitudinal groove, so that it can be moved relative to the heads holding the screws. Strap under the optics of high impact plastic.
Picking and packing

Crossbow Packed in a box with foam absorber disassembled. Package includes:

  1. a Lodge with a trim forearm and strap weaver;
  2. shoulders bow (tension with a force of 43 kg);
  3. Shoe fastening bow;
  4. string;
  5. optical sight – front sight with fileoptionsmenu threads and bracket lenses-eyepiece;
  6. stringer – a cord for self installation of bowstring;
  7. three solid carbon fiber boom length of 16 inches;
  8. mounting bolts and Allen keys;
  9. certificate.
How to use

After unpacking collect the crossbow.

  1. First connect the shoulders of the bow with the pad, using set screws and keys supplied.
  2. After a fixed pad with a stirrup on the bed.
  3. The bowstring is installed with stringer and support cord with eyelets on the ends available in the package.
  4. Set a regular eyepiece and fly, if not purchased separately sight (red-dot recommended).
  5. To cock the bow string, crossbow lowered his leg on a hard surface and locked into position feet.
  6. The tension is produced by two hands, vigorous and uniform upward movement, the tooth of the trigger.
  7. Statement on the platoon’s happening with a good audible click. However, to weaken the grip of the bowstring over smoothly.
  8. The boom length of 16 inches (and 21) fits into the guide groove. The rear end of the tail should rest on the string and pull over elastic strap – part of the trigger mechanism.

When using regular sight need to ensure that the orange fiber-optic thread ring flies evenly located around the circumference of the eyepiece, and its Central green dot pointed at the target.

The possibility of upgrading

The crossbow is equipped with a trigger mechanism designed to force up to 200 kg. So it is safe to set the shoulders, increasing the preload force to 64 kilograms. However, it is worth considering that you turn it into a throwing weapon, is referred by the legislation of the Russian Federation to combat and subject to licensing.

As the optical sight is to use a reflex sight with a lens diameter of at least 2 cm Diopter sights with such a range of excessive.

Next, the feedback on using a powerful recursive crossbow Bowmaster Fox (Boumaster Fox, Fox).

  • The owners of the crossbow celebrate his good shooting performance – range, penetrating ability and a satisfactory accuracy of the battle.
  • For audiences with weak physical training the tension of the string can be problematic, especially if you put a more powerful shoulders bow.
  • Regular sighting device greatly limits the viewing angle, and considered by many to be much more uncomfortable than a traditional plank with the notch (rear sight). The possibility of its adjustment when the adjustment is very limited.
  • If you anticipate shooting from a recursive crossbow Bowmaster Fox, it is important to know the rules of its implementation.

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