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Modern models of bows combine excellent characteristics and can be used in sports for training accuracy, and to participate in professional hunting, and fishing. Their parameters are largely determined by the usage of modern high quality materials and most advanced techniques that are used in the design of the bow.

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Due to the increased ease of the handle of this model are onions, which basically has a lightweight alloy of aluminium and carbon shoulders with adjustable size bow Hawk is very popular and due to it’s reliability throughout its construction. The manufacturer provides a long warranty (12 months) on the mechanism and components of the bow, especially during frequent use.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most principal advantages of this model should include qualities such as increased lightness, which enables the use of the device even women and adolescents, as well as safety of operation. The presence of Luke Hawk special shelves for arrows gives you the ability to comfortably carry out the shooting, without requiring each time divert attention to pulling them.

The advantages of a compound bow Hawk from the Interloper can also be attributed to such characteristics:

  • compactness – relatively small size explain and ease the bow, and this is important for quick and easy transport thereof;
  • multifilament string with the highest tension through the use of when creating high-modulus filament of the type “fast flight”;
  • the possibility of regulating the tension force of the string and the length of her stretch marks allow you to quickly set up the bow for the specific user that is also important to improve comfort level during its operation;
  • for reviews of owners and the manufacturer, the model is suitable to use for huntingand for target shooting for training accuracy. And quality using a bow Hawk will delight your settings for both professional and novice Amateur archery.

Excellent specifications, including the sight of the highest quality of execution, allows to start operation of the model immediately after purchase. Classic color body perfectly emphasizes the attractiveness of external design, it is also important to give the onions a modern and stylish look.

Disadvantages, according to the opinion of the majority of owners of the model, in Luke Hawk was detected, although a sufficient power of the shot and allows you to use your bow for fishing: due to the force of the blow of the boom slaves in contact with it just shatters into pieces.

Device compound bow Hawk Sapphire

  • The use of arrow Hawk people with any knowledge of archery provides the opportunity to use it in the process of hunting or sport shooting and professional arrows from the bow, and those who are just mastering the sport.
  • However, the simplicity of the device combined with excellent technical data allows you to use it even women and adolescents.

To models that can be called varieties of onions, the Hawk, should include such bows that possess similar technical characteristics, are in the same price range and can be used for hunting, and for fun – training accuracy.

Such models include the following:

  • onions recursive Olympic;
  • compound bow, Rex.

And the most important indicators of both the reliability and capabilities of bows of any design should consider its specifications, which will also allow you to get the most complete picture of the quality and working of the bow.


Important to the original design parameters of the bow model, the Hawk should be considered the following:

Specifications Bow Hawk
Manufacturer Interloper
Device type Compound bow
Country of origin Russia
Dimensions 71,2 cm (length)
The weight of the bow 1.3 kg
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow Of 62.9 m/s
The measure of relief 66%

On the price indicator, this model belongs to the economy class, which is several times more in comparison with more expensive compound bows options attracts the attention of buyers.

Device compound bow Hawk

Modern and reliable model, bow Hawk in the possession of many excellent technical characteristics has a fairly simple device that simplifies its use and does not cause difficulties even for those who have just started to learn this type of knives.

Bow Hawk, like most modern block models, the device has the following parts:

  • the arms are carbon fiber, and adjust their size with eccentric blocks;
  • bowstring and very strong thread, it is also possible to regulate the tension force to ensure the special power of the shot;
  • two flies;
  • scope with superior optics.

Magnetic shelf allows you to capture on her arrows, which adds convenience when using a bow.

Picking and packing

The basic kit that is offered when you purchase the standard model Luke Hawk block included the following items:

  1. the bow itself;
  2. two flies, and the complement set a can and a third sight;
  3. sight;
  4. shelf sports magnetic;
  5. arrows in the amount of three pieces.

These components Packed in a cardboard box that protects the onion from the effects of the environment.

Following are the instructions to block the bows the Hawk.

How to use

The use of any model of the bow depends on its type, configuration and features of the device. And because the bow Hawk differs from its counterparts as simple and convenient for the operation of the device, its use does not cause difficulties even for the inexperienced beginner archers.

Before using it, adjust the bow by its parameters, and check the force of string tension. Selecting a target should be placed in the bed of the arrow on the string, as much to stretch the string and using the sight to guide and then release the arrow.

How to strengthen

Strengthening bows are made using as additional equipment and adjustment of the existing parts. Bow Hawk can be enhanced with the installation of an osprey (or diopter) that increases bow range and aimed fire. Can also be replaced with a shelf included in the set, which is important for raising the degree of usability of the bow.

Extra flies also allows to increase the efficiency of the use of the bow, and can also be installed instead of flies the sight from a third-party manufacturer.

The product price

The value indicator Luke Hawk rightfully belongs to its advantage with its affordable price, the bow attracts the attention of buyers. The cost can range from 11 580-13 240 rubles, which allows you to buy this model even with a limited budget purchase.

  • According to the majority of buyers, thanks to the combination of superior performance and affordable cost bow Hawk rightfully occupies a leading position among similar models.
  • Especially important, according to the owners of the model should be considered its range and a significant measure of power, and the opportunity gain which allows you to increase initial velocity of flight of an arrow and shot power also help to improve the characteristics of the bow.
  • The appearance and apparent elegance carboxylic shoulders with a relatively small weight of the device, it is important for teenagers who are beginning to learn the intricacies of archery, and women.

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