Compound bow, Hoyt Rampage camo

Today a fan of archery stop the focus on block models, which features a versatile combination of attractive exterior design and a high degree of efficiency within the existing technical parameters. And among peers is a separate model Hoyt Rampage camo, which has relatively small outer dimensions, and at the same time great for use in hunting as a professional archers, and those who are just starting to learn this kind of active time spending.

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Referring to the block like the bow model Hoyt Rampage camo has become increasingly popular, and this is not surprising since the combination of excellent reviews from owners of this type of bladed weapons and technical data allow us to fully appreciate good striking ability of the bow. Also, when compared to the same options visible difference in ease of management and ease of use.

A General description will allow you to see the main advantages of a model guaranteed by the manufacturer; the same pricing range, which includes the cost of the bow the Hoyt Rampage camo, should be considered the economy that increases the degree of interest of the model of buyers with different financial capabilities.

Advantages and disadvantages

Classic style exterior design emphasizes the delicacy shoulder bow Hoyt Rampage camo, while the materials used in its manufacture, the onions provide maximum strength, resistance to considerable mechanical stress and good quality shooting. The most important advantages of the model should include the following qualities:

  • a high rate of fire due to the speed produced arrows for compound bow;
  • the small weight of the device by reducing the size of the bow and the use of durable and at the same time having a relatively small mass of material;
  • rich standard equipment, allowing to start the operation of the bow after the purchase;
  • a large extent of stretching of the string, which guarantees a significant range arrows and high killing power of the bow;
  • referring to block bows, Hoyt Rampage camo model is easy to use due to the lack of complexity in its structure, as well as the application of modern technologies, which introduced a new and convenient even in activity such as archery.

According to the opinion of the majority of owners of this model, the deficiencies in it have been identified.

Compound bow, Hoyt Rampage camo (photos)


Model is used by professionals in archery hunting, and at the expense of power and range shot this bow easily affects small and medium-sized animals and birds. However, in terms of power bow Hoyt Rampage camo cannot be used for fishing, which requires relatively small power shots to fish struck by the arrow, was not torn apart.


The most popular varieties of bow models Hoyt Rampage camo bow should include block a Hawk and a variant of the Marseille, which have similar technical data (arrow’s range, destructive power, light weight and ease of use) and are in the same price range.

Next will be the characteristic of this bow from Hoyt.


Thanks to the technical data provides the most detailed picture, allowing a comprehensive assessment of the ability of the bow. Presented below in tabular form the most important in the selection and purchase of technical parameters of the bow model Hoyt Rampage camo.

Specifications Bow model Hoyt Rampage camo
Manufacturer Hoyt
View of bow Block, classic
Type of onion Recursive
The increased tension 7 kg
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 68 m/s
Stress relief 80%
The total mass of the bow (without additional attachments) 4 kg

Sufficient warranty period given by the manufacturer (24 months), allows no doubt in the quality of the build and subsequent operation of the device.

It should be remembered that the company Hoyt, has for a long time offering the fans of professional archery only the best model as for the external design and technical parameters, provides their fan of Hoyt Rampage camo most suitable model for professionals and novice shooters. It is in this convenience is combined with excellent training opportunities, a unique power – with a range of arrows and defeat.

Device compound bow the Hoyt Rampage camo

Bow Hoyt Rampage camo offers its customers the opportunity to quickly learn basic archery skills, because its structure is simple and ability to control major parts of the bow.

  • So, the main part, which accounts for the main load when shooting, are the shoulders. Carbon shoulders in the considered models provide maximum stability that allows you to make the boom produced by the maximum acceleration. And this gives Luke the greatest striking ability.
  • Also part of the fabric of the bow model Hoyt Rampage camo is the bow; it is made of highly durable and elastic thread with excellent resilience, tensile strength and durability. By changing the tension of the string provides the ability to vary the power level of the arrow’s flight.
  • For convenience the model has a special magnetic rack for holding arrows. The presence of two flies (or can be used by sight the third-party manufacturer) allows you to make the most accurate shot.
Picking and packing

Basic equipment includes cardboard packaging, which protects the bow from exposure to the elements, the bow, the bowstring to it, the user manual, explaining in detail the scheme of using the device. Included shoulders the bow system ZRS 12 and M4 Cam – these dimensions and shoulder blocks assure reliability of the use of the bow.

How to use

The use of any bow block-type is quite simple. This is ensured by the simple device of onions, as well as using quality materials, resistant to mechanical stress. Before use, the bow should fit all of its dimensions by itself, to ensure maximum comfort.

After identifying the goal, you need to set the arrow to the designated place, the maximum pull the string, and, with the help of sight or fly by defining a goal, to shoot an arrow.

How to strengthen

To enhance the device’s bow can recommend to replace him in the shoulders. Can also be replaced by the bowstring, though, according to most owners, the string used in the base set, has excellent qualities and allows you to hit the target even at a considerable distance.

Following are the price compound bow, Hoyt (Hoyt) Rampage camo.

The product price

The cost of this model should be considered quite affordable in comparison with analogues, and for this reason, buyers point out the Hoyt Rampage camo when buying. The price may vary depending on the seller from 13 to 16 890 210 rudders.

Next, consider the reviews on compound bow Hoyt (Hoyt) Rampage xt camo.

Owner reviews

According to most owners, the bow model Hoyt Rampage camo has the best technical data for use in hunting, because in this lesson from Luke requires qualities such as power, range, high-speed flight of an arrow to hit the target. Moreover, this bow is suitable for the slaughter of animals small and medium sizes, as well as birds.

  • A large demand for the model caused by a combination of good technical data and quite affordable cost.
  • Many customers also noted the appearance of the bow: carbon shoulders, being the most resistant to mechanical impact, is quite elegant and neat, creating a false impression about the fragility of this bow.
  • String with increased durability and an excellent indicator of stretching allows you to make releasing the arrow high speed, which also ensures that the range of the bow Today

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