Compound bow Predator from Interloper

Compound bow “Predator” produced by Russian company Interloper, is a throwing weapon, whose power sufficient to get pleasure from using it. However, it is an entry-level device in the absence of the many options inherent in the professional bows.

The description of the weapon

Compound bow “Predator” is the reincarnation of projectile weapons Martin Archery (USA), production of which began in 2009 and ended in 2014 after a series of upgrades. The original version carried the name Threshold – in English the “eve, eve”. It accurately reflected the concept, which adhered to its designers. They have created bow a simple, reliable, but also powerful enough to not be considered a children’s toy.

The hallmark of this “blochnik”, the founder of the Discovery series, is the extremely low price. This bow was made Taiwan by Poe Lang company first under license and then on their own. It’s really a compound bow for the initial development, excite interest and edification of the followers of projectile weapons.

Advantages and disadvantages

Aestheticism professionals will find it has more disadvantages than advantages. But this does not mean that the bow is bad and as such not worthy of attention. It was constructed exactly with disabilities to develop necessary skills among the beginners.

If permitted such a comparison, it is the UAZ vs Land Cruiser.

  • The main advantages of onion “Predator” is the ultimate simplicity and reliability. Its handle is made of aluminum alloy with a comfortable plastic cover. In ergonomics it is close to the classical, recursive, bows and develops the ability to hold a weapon the way it is supposed to.
  • Pull bows, you can not only release a device that makes the bow are similar to firearms but also with your fingers. In the latter case, a so-called native American (Apache) grip – three fingers below the arrow. To do this, designers have to have a compound bow “Predator” was not the so-called wall (or it is very weak there) – the moment when the units are fully compensate for the tensile force and reduce it to zero, allowing you to hold the bow stretched indefinitely.
  • In the onion there is no compensator – rod-counterweight, preventing it tosses up during the descent of the boom. The athlete must learn to do it himself. A rod for removal of the cable system from a bowstring rather to provoke this behavior, as it is located above the arrow. Models PRO the arrows task easier by adding a compensator in the form of a massive rod, which is fixed on the lower part of the handle.
  • The shot is accompanied by a fairly strong vibration. Click the string felt and clearly heard. The process of stretching is not so simple. But, learning how to use that bow, you will feel quite comfortable when dealing with any “advanced” model. Again, comparing with the car – if you went by car with rear wheel drive and manual transmission to subsequent can easily master at least the Formula 1.

Compound bow Interloper Predator pro (photos)


The purpose and varieties

This bow can hunt from ambush and participate in sports.

Bow is available painted in the colour “ruby”, “Emerald”, “Sapphire” and in camouflage coloring. But the main difference is the use of a modular system of rollers of different shapes.

  • If they are the same (round) – is a model of a “monoblock”.
  • But if different – one (top) round, the other in the form of a Cam, the index model indicates “Kvadro”. She has more possibilities to adjust the tension, but it is more complicated to use.
  • Also have the PRO model, equipped with a lower rod / compensator.
Feature The value
Type Block
Bow length (cm) 89
The distance between the axes of the rollers (cm) 89
Base bow (cm) 18,75
The course of the bowstring (stretching) (cm) 71,12 – 78,74
Tension force (lbs/kg) 60/27,2
Stress relief (wall) 65-70%
Sighting range (m) 30-50
Weight (kg) 1,75
Device bow Predator
  • Compound bow shape which is as close to a classic, recursive.
  • Length comfortable handle made of aluminum alloy a little more than the length of individual shoulder, made of two parallel composite plates reinforced by carbon filament.
  • The rollers of the cable system can be circular, then this model is a “monoblock”, or the combination of round – the eccentric, then the model is “Quad”.
  • A bowstring and cable system of high-modulus filaments “Fastlist”.
  • Rod for removal of the cables from the bowstring has a sliding roller that reduces friction. Equalizers can have this bow no.
  • Shelf for arrows can be set via the selection arrow on the left and right sides of the handle. This should be accompanied by changing the position of the rod of the cable system installed in the upper or lower groove of the handle. The classical position (dominant right hand) is: the arrow on the shelf to the left, the bar at the top. In principle, it is determined by the position of PepsiCo – annular extension of the string required for the establishment of the line of sight.
  • The bow design is the possibility of adjusting the stretch and tension by repositioning the attachment points of the rope on the roller.

The PRO models have a lower balancer installed at the bottom of the handle. It prevents the pop up of the bow during the descent of the bowstring.

Picking and packing

The bow is packaged in a cardboard box unmarked company Interloper not too spoil the aesthetic sense of buyers.

Package is usually limited to a bow Assembly with the string and cables, bar, shelf for arrows and a sight. Some online stores offer advanced kit, which has a quiver for arrows, four aluminum arrows with a length of 30 inches, the release (trigger arrows).

In both cases the bow is attached with certificate.

How to use
  1. After unpacking the bow is attached discharge rod, which should be directed towards the plane of firing at an angle of 450 to the side opposite the shelf arrows.
  2. For shooting with right hand shelf of the boom is mounted on the left side of the handle.
  3. Above it sets the scope (Skop) – a lens with zero power and a crosshair in a short tube.
  4. Before shooting the arrow is mounted on the shelf front end and the rear loop on the string. The design provides that the bolt holds itself and does not slide off, even when bending the bow to 300 to the vertical axis.

Over the loop for arrows on the string is a ring extension. This Pipit through which we must look at the crosshairs in the tube osprey (sight).

The tension of the bow “Predator” not too easy, first you have to put a great effort to bring the rope system into motion. If you are inexperienced or not strong enough, before the tension of the string have left outstretched hand to lift the bow up and while its down pull the right string. The tension at the compound bow decreases as it approaches the point of maximum stretch.

If you are not using a release device to release the bow string fixed on the right hand, the bowstring is pulled with three fingers (index, middle, ring), located under the boom. This is so called the Indian grip.

In order to aim, you have to find the right eye hole in the bowstring (epsit) and align it with the crosshair osprey. Educated thus the line of sight should be aimed at the target.

Adjustment of the bow

Balancing efforts on the shoulders and strengthening the bow uses modules, combined with the rollers of the cable system. They are on the same axis with them and fixed on the rollers by screws. On the blocks (rollers) have marked the holes that need to align with the holes in these modules and tighten them with screws.

The operation is simple and safe: Unscrew the two screws on the module, combine the holes and tightening the screws. The logic is simple: when moving the module against the direction of rotation of the unit you increase the tension of the string, and in the same direction – to weaken. For convenience holes are marked with Latin letters. Letter A corresponds to the minimum.

Prices and reviews

The cost of this bow depends on the wealth of equipment and ranges from 9800 to 12000 rubles.

From shooting from this bow even enjoy women. Force adjustment is not difficult. Very stable shooting results when you use arrows of the same weight. Extremely reliable and unpretentious. Gel in bags of arrows with blunt tip sports consists of 40 cm in a fresh tree is 10-12. Wild boar, with a successful shot and the hunting tip, maybe through flash.

Very good feedback received model compound bow Predator Pro (Pro). And if the price seems too high, it is possible something like that and stuff.

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