Compound crossbow Barnett Ghost-400

American company Barnett is a major manufacturer of hunting crossbows, powerful, reliable and high quality. One of their very successful models of this brand was the crossbow Barnett Ghost-400, dubbed “the Ghost.” He and bear-rod will help to get when needed.

Review of the device

Purpose. The crossbow is one of the best for hunting game of any size, including large. For shooting sports with the defeat of the targets, he also fits very well.



  • Dampening noise and vibration monolithic shoulders, made by technology AVI.
  • Lightweight and durable machined aluminium box.
  • The stirrup combined with the block, making the unit quite compact.
  • Durable hand-knit string.
  • Good balancing, ease of use.
  • Ergonomic pistol-grip type handle with a notch for your thumb.
  • The active fuse is suitable for both hands. A second fuse prevents unmarried shot. It is made on technology ADF (Anti Dry Fire).
  • Sight with two-tone illumination.
  • Carbon boom in the kit.
  • The strap is comfortable, it does not slip off the shoulder subsides.
  • High initial speed flying arrows.


  • A rather high cost.
  • Significant weight.
  • Disassembly and Assembly complex – a newbie can handle.
  • Lock molded – case of malfunction it is necessary to change the whole.
  • Slow the descent.
Device crossbow Barnett Ghost-400
  • The box is made of aluminum by milling, from the top to reduce the friction on his arrows, it is covered with a special compound.
  • For guiding the sides of plastic, it is durable and beautiful.
  • Combined with a stirrup pad curved configuration made of carbon fiber “carbon-Lite”.
  • On the shoulders of the plate are coated AVI vibration.
  • Guard here are two, one of them prevents blank shots. The trigger has a core of metal.
  • On the butt it is possible to install removable platoon (screw-in bushing). Castle disposable, metal, made by technology “bullpup”.

Comes with scope 3 for 2 with reticle and illuminated in two colors (red and green).

Name The value Units
Ammunition boom length 22 inch
The weight of the crossbow 3700 g
Length 96 cm
Height 18 cm
Width between axes 60 cm
The tension from 43 to 84 kg
The course of a bowstring (work) 40 cm
The arrow speed (initial) 121,9 m/s
Guarantee 5 years
Picking and packing

Packaging – simple, with no cardboard box. It contains:

  • the crossbow user’s manual;
  • kiver;
  • tensioner manual;
  • wax for lubricating the string,
  • three carbon arrows;
  • an optical sight 3 for 32);
  • belt.
How to use
  1. For the platoon must put the crossbow down, resting it in the ground, and then use manual tension device rope type is supplied.
  2. Inserting the arrow in the proper place, remove the unit from the fuse (it is automatically), take aim and shoot.

The reviews and the price of compound crossbow Barnett Ghost-400 (Ghost-400) is given below.

The cost

For capacity and quality have to pay. In the domestic specialized stores this model is from 72.6 thousand rubles and more.

Owner reviews
  • Owners-hunters rightly put this model in the beginning of the top. It is really convenient, powerful, reliable, versatile, suitable for left-handers and right-handers. The experience of hunting deer, foxes and other game is quite successful. With reinforced shoulders and bear is not terrible.
  • In Russia, you are allowed to use the shoulders 43 kilograms, to travel abroad for hunting purposes it is recommended to strengthen the shoulders to 84 pounds. For shooting sports enough the shoulders with a force of 43 pounds.
  • Carbon arrows came in the kit are of high quality and durability. It is celebrated by all users. Kiver is in optimal place – he never clings to the branches while walking. Great belt with notches not fall off the shoulder. Good sight with light, the fore-end is comfortable, contains everything you need.

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