Compound crossbow Cheetah from Interloper

The use of modern technologies and only high-strength materials have allowed to create such models of crossbows that are different from their predecessors not only in its external form, but the power of the shot, the ability to hit even a moving target, and high speed of an arrow.

And, according to numerous positive reviews, among the models with similar technical specifications and possessing high functionality model INTERLOPER Cheetah can be considered one of the most popular today among lovers use this kind of knives as the hunting and sports shooting.

Overview of crossbow

By analyzing the technical specifications and the owner reviews you can get the most complete picture of any model; the General overview is enough to start with the availability of this model such convenient in operation as the fuse, which does not allow to do the junk shot, and the combination of light weight and compactness. These characteristics provide both ease of transport and safety during use.

Preservation of the attractive appearance provided by using polymeric materials with a special coating that allows crossbow use in all weather conditions and at any frequency. Attractive appearance, combining the elegance at the expense of compactness and power with technical data and increased functionality are also considered to be the most important parameters for the model INTERLOPER Cheetah.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantages of the model include the following characteristics:

  • compact size;
  • light weight;
  • comfortable design, which is easy when you use;
  • resistance to mechanical impacts and temperature changes of the environment;
  • classic exterior design and attractive appearance of the crossbow;
  • the increased elasticity of the string provides high speed boom.

If these advantages add optimum value, it can be understood the reasons for the persistent demand for the model INTERLOPER Cheetah.

And the possibility of making some adjustments to the device allows you to enhance crossbow to increase the power of the shot and enhance lethality.


Use the model INTERLOPER Cheetah maybe in professional sports shooting, and hunting: the ability to hit even a moving target at a considerable distance enhances the value of it is for hunters.

Crossbow block INTERLOPER Cheetah (black c equipment)


The most important technical parameters that allow to assess the capabilities of the model include the external dimensions of the device, the initial velocity of flight of an arrow, dimensions and stroke of a bowstring. Given in tabular form, they allow us to estimate the model from the point of view of its destructive possibilities.

Characteristics of the crossbow Cheetah:

Specifications The model INTERLOPER Cheetah
Dimensions 67,5 cm x 41,2 cm x 14.2 cm
Weight 4.2 kg
Type Block
The stroke of the bowstring 34 cm
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 99,4 m/s
The tension 44-89 kg
Country of origin Russia

Long term guarantees, amounting to 24 months and the manufacturer indicates a top quality Assembly, crossbow and a guaranteed level of quality shooting from him. A slightly increased weight compared to similar models that are related to “cat” the crossbows from this manufacturer due to the use of aluminium shoulders with a high resistance to wear instead of the usual plastic.

Device crossbow Cheetah
  • A simple device implies the possibility of its use not only professional shooters, but beginners and Amateurs.
  • The relatively small weight given the use of aluminum in creating the shoulders allows you to operate the model, even women and teenagers.
  • The body of the crossbow, shoulders, cut from lightweight and highly durable aluminum, string and rail to ensure its maximum stroke, and the forearm and fuse the constituent parts of the model block crossbow is characteristic also for other models of this type.
Picking and packing

In a basic set to this model are the following names:

  • the crossbow;
  • strap for transport;
  • the optical sight;
  • string and wax to care for her;
  • the fore-end.

All the parts of the basic set Packed in a cardboard box.

How to use

The use of the crossbow INTERLOPER Cheetah is not considered to be complex due to the simple design.

  1. Selecting a target using an optical sight of a high class included in the core kit when buying the device, you must set the arrow in a special place.
  2. Pulling the string by means of the guide, you should make a shot by pressing the trigger.
  3. Warning blank shot guaranteed by the presence of the fuse.
  4. The fuse also increases safety when using the crossbow.
How to strengthen

The strengthening mechanism can be made by replacing the base of the optical sight on the same third-party as well as the use of a bowstring with a higher elastic ratio, which will increase the initial speed of the boom and the power of the shot. According to most owners of this model, technical characteristics of the crossbow INTERLOPER Cheetah mostly do not require amplification, because even in the base set there are all possibilities to use maximum performance when firing this crossbow.

The product price

According to most customers, the price of the crossbow Gepard can be considered one of the lowest among peers. From different sellers, it can vary from 11 to 12 150 to 250 rubles, depending on the size of the trade margin.

Next will summarize the reviews of the owners of crossbows Cheetah.

Owner reviews
  • Owners model most frequently reported parameters such as the ease and comfort of use. Explain these qualities thought-out design of the crossbow, as well as those that were used when creating the latest technology, providing the best functionality while using minimum volumes. This means that the high performance power shots and flight distance was not achieved due to the increase in the size and dimensions of the crossbow, namely to improve the quality of materials and modern machinery.
  • Cost, recognized as the most appropriate to the opportunities presented model INTERLOPER Cheetah, let it to be the most popular today.
  • Among all members of the cat crossbows from this manufacturer is the Cheetah is renowned for its technical capabilities, guaranteeing accuracy and hitting the target (even moving and located at a significant distance) with every shot.

To analogues of the models can be ranked compound crossbow MK 250 and Jaguar, which also show excellent long range shots with a relatively compact exterior dimensions.

If you do not set a goal to buy is the analogue of the Cheetah, by choosing another block a good model, it will be earned, for example, Penetrator from Hori Zone, “interoperable” Leopard, Cheetah-Sports, Skal, Phobos, Legat, Ifrit and Tactics, as well as Reaper-410от Barnett.

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